Oct 8, 2009


As promised, I finally finished my granddaughter, Maya's, princess crown. She asked me for it about 2 weeks ago. She wanted a silver one, so here it is. It really is so easy to make it only took me about 3 hours. I just had to get myself in gear. Let me know if you ever want to make one, I can help, it is simple.

The body is just not cooperating today. I have to get use to my "cold temperature body", aka, the tin man. It is not that cold yet either! Oh well, this too will pass. Back to Maya, she is the cutest and the sweetest little girl anyone could ask for! I wish I could see her more often. The whole crown cost me about $12, and will be well worth the delight it will give her. Maya is a girly, girl, just like her Grandma. If it blings, she will love it!

Wishing all of you a special blessing today! Martha

I almost forgot, Amy is in need of extra prayer today! God Bless!


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

too cute, the crown and the little granddaughter, I want one of those...( the granddaughter) thanks for the extra sweet comment, you are so good to me.

Leann said...

Hi Mary

What a great crown, I'll bet she looks great in it. Does she like to dress up like a princess?

She's absolutely adorable!

Hope that you are feeling more perky tomorrow. Just grab that oil can!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

How sweet little Maya is and lovely that you made a pretty crown for your Princess.

I hope that your health is better tomorrow.
Stay warm


Bettyann said...

Sweet Maya..she is so lucky to have a grandma like you..please show us how you made the crown...thanks...take care of yourself..

Claudia said...

The crown turned out beautifully! Maya will love wearing it and she sure has a wonderful Grandma!

Bunny Missbrenner said...

She is adorable and you are a jill of all trades. I'm gonna buy you one of those snuggly thing I see on TV...it'll keep you warm and make the people around you laugh....lol. Is it arthritis because if it is...start drinking cherry juice...it helps.


Brandi said...

Gorgeous! That sweet little girl will surely love it! :)

Terri said...

Martha, you have a beautiful blog!
Thank you for visiting mine and for "following".
Your Maya is such a sweet girl! and the crown you made her is totally for a princess.
Great job!
I send you healing loving thoughts and hugs :)

Lisa said...

Very very girlie! Well done you! Sorry you are cold. I have to say I could learn to live with that. I have the hot flashes to look forward to first. Amy is daily on my prayer list and I think and talk about her all the time. I have a steady stream of cards that go her way. She has the sweetest family! Thanks for sending prayers their way. Speaking of lovely friends I never met. My sweet pin keep arrived today! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! It is just awesome and settled into my sweet treasures where I can look at it all the time! I posted about it. Hope you enjoy all the traffic of good friends you will get from it!
Big Bear Hugs!! Lisa

Bettyann said...

our Thanksgiving is this Monday..your columbus day...thanks for visiting..love the music..lol

Rebecca said...

Martha...this is beautiful my friend. Truly lovely. You are so incredibly gifted.

Love to you~

PS: Posting about your giveaway and MY WIN this weekend! Thank you again. LOVE THE BOOK!

Fairy Footprints said...

Oh it's wonderful to meet a princess, and Maya is simply elegant and adorable. Hello princess Maya :0)

Martha what a beautiful post and a wonderful design. I hope this evening is finding you well.


Itch2stitch.com said...

The crown is beautiful! I will pray. Suzie. x

Patty said...

Maya has a very special Grandma :)

Atelier de Charo said...

Pretty princess Maya, with her crown!!!

Tracey said...

Martha the crown is beautiful! Maya will look like quite the little princess in it!!

:) T


Maya is a cutie pie! such a pretty crown you made for her. I will take your word for it that it is easy to make... :)
I hope you get to feeling better. If I were there I would get out my tin can and oil you.
Blessings from Gwen!

blushing rose said...

Martha, Maya is going to be THRILLED, it is darling. Too bad the wee ones have to grow up, she is beautiful & so full of vibrancy.I caught up on your other writes, your home is beautifully decorated.

Have a lovely snuggly eve. TTFN ~Marydon

Dawn said...

Very cute crown and a even cuter little girly, girl!

Sares said...

Maya is going to LOVE this! What girl wouldn't, especially when her sweet Grandma made it for her to her specifications!

I hope your aches and pains ease up for you soon. If not maybe a certain package that is winging it's way to you now will help you feel better! Be on the look out!

LeShabbytique..Always said...

It is absolutely beautiful!! hope your feeling better.

someplace in thyme said...

Maya will be adorable in your lovely crown. You really should put a tutorial on your blog for making crowns, I would love to see it, and possible make one for my grand daughter too, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

someplace in thyme said...

Hello sweet Martha, for some reason when you posted pink saturday, it apeared on my other blog and not the one I post on. Please check out this blog http://someplaceinthyme.blogspot.com
You were on my Friday Flea Market blog. I still can't figure out how that happened. I would love to know how to make the crown you made. My grand daughter would love one like this. It is so cute. Your work is gorgeous. I look forward to hearing from you, Char

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