Oct 14, 2009


This is the give away! It is a great book, plus a few goodies!

Noah has gone shopping and wants to have another give away! I have recently reached 105 people who are now following my blog. Can you believe that? I can't! I am not that interesting. That is what makes it so special. People, visit just because they are nice! I am having a give away in honor of my 100Th follower. I will have Noah pick a winner at the end of the month. He had a good time picking the last one and wants to do it again. He loves the shopping part, a chip off the old block!

I also wanted to take the time to tell you about a few special ladies that I meet during these last few months in Blog land. The first one is Sares, her blog is called http://loveleightreasures.blogspot.com/. Sares was one of the very first people who began to follow my blog. She was an instant best friend, someone you can count on. She figured out early, I had no knowledge of computers and was and is still willing to help anytime I ask her. I often joke with her that she would do a better job with my blog than I have. This week this wonderful lady sent me a gift! What is wrong this that picture? It should be the other way around. Sares, is just a giving person and I am so blessed to have her in my life and to be able to call her friend.

The next lady I want to tell you about is Gwen. Her blog is http://acharminghome.blogspot.com/. I have only know her for about 6 months, yet I feel like I have know her all my life. You can always count of Gwen for random acts of kindness and she is always ready to pray for any need you have. She is one of those super sweet ladies you meet and wish you were half as sweet as she is. She is having a giveaway this month, so visit her blog. Her things are beautiful. She recently gave me an blog award! It is amazing to me that people you have never meet, are so important.

The next lady I want to tell you about is Bunny at http://bunnymissbrenner.blogspot.com/. Bunny is an amazing woman who always speaks her mind. She is bold and brave and everything, I am not. She recently offered her home to me, in case we had mud problems due to the rains. She as never met me, and yet she opened up her home to me and my family. There is no way you cannot see God work, with wonderful people like these ladies in the world. I feel so lucky. I think of her as one of my dearest friends. She has not been feeling well, so please, say a little prayer for her.

Carolyn from http://draffinbears.blogspot.com/ is a new friend who is always encouraging to me. She recently gave me a wonderful award. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

I want to take time in the next few weeks to feature wonderful ladies who make a difference in other people's lives and they might not even know it! You might just be next!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to read my blog and for all your encouragement! The pictures are what Sares sent me! I love it all! Blessings, Martha


Rebecca Nelson said...

OK Miss M...I'm going to comment on your sweet giveaway even though I'm quite sure Mr. Noah won't pull my name out a second time. I'm blessed, but not that blessed!

Congrats on your 105 Followers. We all love you!

Love, Rebecca

Abatevintage said...

Martha what a wonderful post today. I love Sares and Gwendolyn I will have to give Carolyn a holler, I have never met her, how wonderful to meet others who share joy in the Lord as we do. I have posted a button on my blog with a link back to you about your giveaway, please enter me, thank you kindly. Hope this day finds you well. Noah is a doll he looked so happy shopping.


LuLu Kellogg said...

I will have to go and take a peek at these Blogs also!

I know Miss Bunny and she is such a lovely person so it doesn't surprise me that she would open her home to you :)

I am trying to catch up on my Blog visits so I am off to see what I missed on yours while I have been away.


Michaeljacksonlover1 said...

Hi Martha my name is Isabel (or Michael Jackson lover1) I am Fairy Footprints in the sand's daughter.Earlier I whent to my mom's blog and read my comment and after looked below it and read your comment and I thought that your comment was nice so my mom told me to come join your blog and I did and since you are very nice and courtious I think you should win and I was wondering if you could come join my blog and could you tell some of your friends to come join my blog to because I wanted to have a giveaway but all I have are family members so could you and your friends come join my blog please!Well have a great day!

The Thriller is gone

debi said...

Martha, Congrats on 100 followers! You have a lovely blog.

Abatevintage said...

Martha, thank you so much for stopping by tonight to enter my giveaway, I love your giveaway and Noah is adorable. Thank you so much for joining Isabels blog this evening she is so excited to have knew followers. I read what she wrote to you and read what you wrote to her how wonderful. I have gave her a couple of people to visit that I have met over the last six months in blogging and said that you would be a wonderful person to visit with. Thank you again. Have a great evening.


Tara said...

Hi Martha! Oh course people want to read your blog, they know how special you are! I'm so pleased you liked your gift. I'll have to put your giveaway on my blog for you. Noah did a terrific job picking out the prizes! He's a blogger in training for sure! I blog with all the loveleigh ladies you mentioned and they are all great and sweet people. Congratulations of your awards and have a super Friday!

Andrea said...

Hi, Martha! I dropped in from Rebecca's. Your blog is wonderful. And little Noah is adorable.

Now, I have a dream of an English garden. That is, I have been wanting one for quite some time. I admire you greatly for your hard work and diligence in having one. And I am very sure I could learn much from you.

Blessings this night, dear friend.


Barb said...

Hi Martha, thanks for following Bella Vista...it is lovely to meet you. Your giveaway is lovely.

Please come over and visit....I am having one also.

Barb ♥

GwendolynKay said...

Oh Martha,
You are so sweet , you bring tears to my eyes with your loving, kind words. You my dear are a very precious soul indeed. I am so glad I have found you on this big world web. Please do enter me in your give away. BLESS YOU MY DEAR FRIEND!!

Bunnym said...

Like I haven't cried enough lately? Geez woman! Thank you for the mention, but Martha, why wouldn't I offer you somewhere to go? Isn't that what friends are for? And when I'm feeling better...we will definitely meet and and go have lunch and shop or something....I promise. love to you and your family, bunny

Vicki said...

Hi, Martha,
We have not visited in a while and so I wanted to stop by and say hello. Congratulations on having over 100 followers! I am not at all surprised at all. You and a kind and caring lady, and this is why others are attracted to you and your blog. I know all of the above mentioned ladies, and they are all sweethearts. Congratulations on your award from Gwen. Thank you for having a give away. I can see Noah likes shopping (like grandmother) and drawing names out of a hat. Blessings to you, dear friend. Vicki

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Martha...you have some lovely items. You do love PINK! And I remember the days of Garage Saling, when I saw lots of deer also. In Wisconsin...when the sales were fantastic! Now in AZ - no deer, no good sales either...but I like you need to simplify...so it is a good thing!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Little Noah is already a smart guy! Congrats on having so many followers. You are kind and filled with grace so of course many will come to visit and enjoy their time with you. Looks like you received some nice Fall treasures from Sares. I'm not sure if I have visited her blog so will definitely have to do so. Of course, my cousin, Gwen, is the one who talked me into this blog business in the first place. HA! And Bunny is a faithful visitor with whom I enjoy corresponding! I wish I didn't live so far away so that I could join in on all the giveaways and swaps that go on in blogland. :) Wishing you all the best for your weekend. Peace & blessings, Tammy

Rebecca Nelson said...

Dear Sweet M....

You are HYSTERICAL! I'm NOT famous! Just has the enormous blessing of being featured in a couple issues of Romantic Homes Magazine. I was as shocked as anyone else, believe me.

I actually wasn't too keen on putting the Mag pics on my sidebar...but one of my friends talked me into it after blogging about 9 months.

Anyway...you are toooooooo cute! And trust me when I tell you I'm just 'little ol' me'. A born and bread California Girl who loves to create, loves her family and LOVES the Lord.

Hugs & love to you sweet girl...I LOVE MY BOOK I won from you! LOVE IT! Give Mr. Noah a squeeze from me and tell him thank you AGAIN!

Love, Rebecca

Claudia said...

Congratulations - and what a wonderful giveaway! I love your blog and always get such pleasure from your posts! Noah is adorable!

Pattyjo said...

Your very interesting and your blog is awesome!

Kim Gillian said...

Hello Martha, thank's for visiting my blog. This is the first time visiting your blog. I love it, we have alot in common!!

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