May 6, 2009


I live in a city that was built on solid granite. It is great for Earthquakes, we hardly feel them or should I say, the damage is not as bad as other places in Southern California. However, I am trying to create an English garden on rock and it is not easy. My front yard has finally got to a place where I can dig a hole and not encounter rocks. My current project is the back yard and each and every shovel is full of rocks. Each shovel full must be free of rocks. It is hard on my physically, to bad it had not helped me lose weight. That would be so wonderful an English garden and a skinny Martha! I have been working on the back yard for about 3 years, I still have rocks and I am still fat. It is finally looking like what appears to be the beginning of a garden. I have taken some pictures to show off my hard work. I have also taken a picture of a vintage spoon I made for Mother's Day gifts. I received one a while ago as a gift and thought they would make lovely gifts for the Mother's in my life. Each spoon is vintage, sterling silver, along with a piece of vintage costume jewelry. I think they came out very pretty. I hope the Mama's love them. They make a beautiful piece to use in your sugar bowl.

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