May 11, 2009


The day after Mother's Day and I had Noah all morning. We had such a good time. He ate his first chip and knew to dip it in refried beans! He is so smart. He all figured out how to chase Grandma around. He fell and got a huge lump. He cried, Grandma cried. He was OK, Grandma took a while to get over it. I worked on taking pictures of the vintage silver spoons, I am still having problems. I did include 2 pictures. I am going to put them up on Etsy for $24. I can make any color just let me know if anyone wants one. I am still not happy with how they look in the picture. They are so much prettier in person. I noticed a lot of people are working with vintage, costume jewelry. Many are cutting up very, valuable, collectible pieces. I have a lot of trouble doing that. I know that a lot of people collect costume for the designer, like I do. Cutting up the piece is very hard for me. If any one needs help on how to know if your piece if valuable, please email me before you cut it up. On Saturday, we went to see our niece graduate with her BA. Very proud, Parents, Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts! It was a great time to be with the Cook Family. Sarah looked so beautiful!

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Cindy said...

Those spoons and that plate are gorgeous!!! Congrats to the graduate! My son is graduating from college next month!