May 26, 2009


For June and July I decorate my house in Red, White & Blue. It is always a little bit of a stretch for me, since they are not my "colors". So, it is a little bit harder to get started and it does not help that I am still sick. Once I get a vision for the rooms, it comes very easy. Right now, I am a little stuck. What I do is start in a small area of my room, and keep working the vignette until I fall in love with the way it looks. Once I get my first piece of furnature done, every thing else is easy. I just started today. No vision, yet. One of the hardest thing is finding place to put away my last vignette colors. I tend to pick up new things very time, so storage is always fun! I taken some pictures of my first start-up work so you can see progress, as well as, some fun yard shots. The tree is a plum tree and it is full! The tree is along side my drive way. I have no dirt between house and driveway, so pots are the only way to get color! It works!

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