May 19, 2009


It's true, I have started a new collection. It really sneaked up on me. It got me while, I was minding my own business. This Sunday, I got up early, before church and decided to go to a swap meet very near my home. Since, I was up early I had plenty of time before church started to "just look". As I walked and resisted many things, I noticed these beautiful, vintage, rose hats. They were stunning! So one thing lead to another and 7 hats later, I had a new collection. I know, I need therapy. I have taken a couple of pictures of some of the hats that are now part of my life. Once you see them you will see why, I hope! I also spend some time with my Noah this week. I have pictures of him eating his first salad. Also of his mother, trying to take a picture of him eating his first salad and of him riding his bike. I think he looks like Bam bam. Just look at those feet. You just want to kiss them. I have also included a few more garden pictures. I am stuck in the garden lately. It does my soul good! If you have not tried it, you should. Be careful, it's addicting!

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