Jun 4, 2009


I have had a very busy couple of days. I did get to have Noah over. He loves the phone and has trouble passing one up. He can dial (problem), he can talk, and he loves to just hear the noises that come out of the receiver. Just looking at the pictures makes me want to kiss that cute face! I did manage to make a new front door arrangement. I make one for every month. I am in a red, white and blue mood. Not bad for a 15 minute job. Took the time to take a couple of yard pictures. Right now there is so much to see in my yard. Feeling very creative lately. I am currently working on a scrapbook for my sister Nora. I hope see likes it. I will try and take some pictures. Scrapbooks are hard to take pictures of, but I promise to try. The door arrangement is easy, let me know if you would like to know how.

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Anonymous said...

Look at those big eyes! He is a super cutie!!