Jun 8, 2009


This was graduation week for two of the best young people I know. Rebecca and Robbie. Rebecca graduated from high school and junior college with an AA. She was a home school child. Her mother, Nancy, was the person who convinced me that I should home school my son, Kyle. It was the best decision I could have made. Nancy, is a dear and treasured life long friend. Robbie is the budding artist, he too is home schooled. His parents are also my dearest friends. He designed a new school stationary for his school. Very proud of both of them. It was a great time of celebrating their achievements.

This weekend I read an article in the new Somerset Magazine, Where Women Create. One artist said that she even made the insides of her drawers look like mini vignettes. I decided this was a wonderful idea and started to do the same thing in my drawers. A little over the top, I know, but I am a little over the top, so it fits me just fine. I took some pictures, they are not as pretty as the ones in the magazine, but it's my first time. The gal in the magazine's article had breathe taking drawers. The pictures show some of my lace and ribbon drawers. I have one for the different colors that I own. I think they still need work. You have to give me points for trying! Artful blogging is not easy to do!


Unknown said...

We've been blogged!!! We are so glad we were able to come down and see you. Miss you so much. Noah is more adorable in person! Sending lots of love. Nancy and Rebecca.

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