Jun 20, 2009


I know we needed the rain and I am glad for it, however, raining in Los Angeles just does not seem right to me. I had a outside work day planned for my yard and instead, I had to clean my kitchen. Not as much fun for sure. I did manage to go to one estate sale. I picked up this beautiful cup. It looks German, but it is unmarked so I am not sure. I know, that was just what I needed, one more teacup. I have so many. Did I tell you I collect teacups, I also collect cottage pictures, cottage figurines, cottage plates, cottage teapots and Ladies in all shapes and sizes. I am really, really, really going to sell some of this stuff. My girls don't want any of it. I really messed up in my parenting didn't I? Oh, well isn't that lamp stunning?


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Can I be your daughter??? Just had to ask! Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. The teacup is GORGEOUS, as well as the lamp. I also have a "thing" for little lady figurines. I was at an auction once and my friend said, "oh good gosh, you aren't going to buy that little glass person are you?" From then on, I kind of backed off...maybe not anymore! Your Southern Belle is adorable.

Vicki Pink Pearl Girl said...

Hi Martha,
So nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my blog & your sweet comments. You are a woman after my vintage heart with all of those gorgeous collections of yours. I love the lamp & all of the ladies in another post of yours.
I look forward to stopping in again & seeing what you have been up to.
I agree there should be a pink holiday!
Take care.