Feb 4, 2013


Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No.152! I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I have begun my spring cleaning already. Not quite sure why, maybe I just want things to warm up. So. Cal. has been on the cold side lately, I preferred things to be a bit warmer. This week I am a ready to announce the winner of my five year anniversary give away. I had Noah pick our winner. (This will probably be the last time he can do that because, he has started reading.)
Our winner of the lovely Sadler teapot is Carmelina, from Creative Carmelina. I don't know if Carmelina remembers, but the very first year I started blogging, she sent me a gift. It still sits in a place, honor in my home. She sent it to me for no reason. Something I said in my blog touched her. Here we are full circle. I hope she remembers me. Carmelina, congratulations. Please email me with your address.

I am having a little computer problem, so I am using an iPad. Not so sure how much I like it so this post might just be a bit short. It is so funny because, Noah can work this thing better than I can. "Grandma, it is easy, let me show you!" Can you just imagine what kind of world he will grow up in?

I would like to share this Royal Sealy China, Japan this week. It has a wonderful, yellow color with a Lusterware center and the cutest little feet. I think it is perfect for Spring. It has the ruffled cup shape that makes it so special.

Cup No. 2 is Fritz and Floyd mug. I usually do not share mugs, however, this one is must. It is white porcelain with the handle shaped like Fairy. Can you see her wings? This cup is circa 1980 and is very special to me.

This last cup is a Royal Austria, unfortunately is has a very slight flee bit on the rim of the cup. Nothing you can see, however, you can feel it. This cup is so beautiful, notice the gold garland that is used to decorate the entire cup. I would love that design on my walls. It just looks so elegant.

If you get a chance check out website. A dear lady just added a video of my products and I can now take phone orders. (Just like the big people! I am so happy!) I am going to cut this post short, while I am still ahead and still sane. Please excuse the errors, I did the best I could with the iPad. Here is Mr Linky for today. Blessings, Martha