Feb 28, 2011


Hello My Tea Cup Loving Friends: Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday, No. 51! Here at home it is time to change the decor to one of my favorite colors, Pink and Green. These are the colors that fill my house this month. It feels like a my own special Pink and Green Sanctuary! There is something so comforting about these colors for me. They welcome Spring in! Sometimes it is feels like my job is to salvage my special treasures from thrift stores and estate sales. (Someone has to do it!)

Before the tea cups begin, I want to share about this weekend. I was having dinner with a friend when all of a sudden, the restaurant we were in started to empty out. The servers, bus boys, the diners everyone left while we were busy talking. Where did they go you asked? To play in the snow! I was in La Crescenta, a place that never sees snow. I know that you are all probably tried of snow, but for us it was a novelty. This is what my home looked like that afternoon. The whole block was outside building snowmen (little ones) and throwing snow balls.

I have been sick off and on with a cold this past week, but I did manage to purchase a few things at the thrift store. This first cup I am showing you is one of thoses treasures, a snack set. It is a Royal Albert, "Lady Hamilton". I have never really been draw to one before, but this one called my name and it was only $6. What do you think? Does anyone else like these snack sets?

This next tea cup is one of my very favorites. It was given to me by my sister in law, Maureen. Daisies are her favorite flower and she gave me this daisy to remind me of her! It is an Aynsley tea cup from England. The pattern is called "Daisy Petals" and I am told it is rare! I love it! It is perfect to welcome Spring to California.

I have noticed, while taking out my Pinks and Greens, that I have too many green tea cups. (Not the sharpest tool in the shed, you say!) Well, sometimes it takes me a while longer to get things. I will thin this group out to avoid the "hoarder" problem. I will not do it before I show you all the pretties. This next one was a gift from my mother. Who said "I needed another tea cup, like I need a whole in the head!" She got it for me anyway. It is so beautiful. Mom only gives practical gifts so this one is very special. I "needed it"! It is a Royal Albert, Old Country Roses, "Peppermint Demask". My favorite cup! (I have a lot of favorites!)

Since it is getting close to St. Patrick's Day, and like all good Mexicans, I celebrate the day. My next cup is a gorgeous, vintage, Shelley Tea Cup. The pattern name is "Shamrock", of course. Love the quatrefoil shape cup on this one. I have more shamrock designs to show you next week.

These next pictures are a few more treasures that were also found this weekend. The silver tea cups are salt and pepper shakers ($1.49). The figurines are "Josef".

Thank you so much for joining Terri and I for the party. You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please remember that this link is about tea cup things! Hugs, Martha


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Pink and green are my favorites! I love your bunny with the wiggly ears!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Pink and green are one of my favorite combinations too. I love the Daisy Petals teacup and the Lady Hamilton snack set is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and enjoy the snow. You should see the snow we have here! We have the biggest snow bank ever on our front doorstep!


debi said...

Martha, your teacups are beautiful! I think the Country Roses from your mom is my favorite. Love the pretty green!

Susan said...

Hello Dear Martha....How I loved looking at all your treasures today. I absolutely love the colors pink and green together....a most beautiful combination. That Royal Albert cup is a treasure! And the snack set you found is absolutely stunning, Martha. Stun-ning!

Isn't it amazing you have had this many Teacup Tuesdays? I ran out early in the game but love looking at everyone elses'. Martha, also loved the music in the background! Susan

Tara said...

I think your daisy cup is wonderful!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh, I love pinks and greens too. It's a nice color combination :) :) :) all of your tea things are so beautiful :) :) The royal Albert tea things are gorgeous - the peppermint damask/country roses and the red/gold :) :) Everyting is so beautiful. well, I for one, am glad that you find all these treasures at thrift shops and give them a good home :) :) I might be going through some of my things too, and see what I can give-away or sell!!!

thanks for sharing your lovely te things. I always enjoy my visits here, plus you always add nice sparklies to go with the tea ;) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

The Tablescaper said...

I don't think I've ever seen a snack set with such beautiful rich colors before.

- The Tablescaper

Doni said...

I feel like shouting, ONLY 6 BUCKS at a THRIFT store!!!! You made out like a BANDIT!!!!
Oh my, I'm jealous...I never find lovelies for prices like that!! It's gorgeous!!
I'm so glad you showed so many pretty cups and cuties this week! I'm so late usually, I don't even get to join lately, but I'm getting better at getting caught up I think..at least I hope.
Blessings to you my friend!

xinex said...

Yes I love the Prince Albert snack set, so pretty and what a great deal. Love the pink and greens too, my favorite coor for spring...Christine

Susan Freeman said...

Hi Martha! Everyone is having such unusual weather. One minute it snows here, then the sun comes out and then we have lightning, thunder and hail. I hope that your cold goes away soon so that you can do more thrifting!

usan and Bentley

Diann said...

Hi Martha!
All of your teacup sets are gorgeous! Isn't it funny that you can find so many green teacup sets and I can't find even a single one! Seriously! I search high and low for green and nada! But, I refuse to give up! I am stubborn that way! LOL

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Hello Martha,
your tea cups are as usual just wonderful. You have an eye for good quality and charming design. I am always enthalled with those tennis or snack sets. I think these are perfect for a party without seats. So one can held easily the saucer and have snack as well as the cup in one hand.
All the soft green patters are very nice. With white tablelinnen they look very fresh and I think they match easily with a lot of designs. Your figurines are so cute. Thank you for sharing your wonderful treasures and for hosting this nice event.
Greetings, Johanna

♥ Miss Tea said...

you have so many beautiful teacups! I love the pink and green, the teacup from your sister in law and your mother are so lovely! I have been feeling the same like you, on and off sick so I hope you get over it soon! We dont get too many snow here either but when it snows I quickly ran out and play! Thanks for hosting and sharing!

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there Martha,

Such a lovely teatime!~ I just adore your beautiful tea cups this week .., Wow!

Thanks so much for sharing your pretties with us this week, as well as for co-hosting yet another delightful Teacup Tuesday with dear Terri!..,

I so appreciated you, warm, uplifting and encouraging comments in the past two weeks Martha! ~ I would love to live near you as well, I just know;(as you've so kindly mentioned), that we'd have oodles of fun Martha!

Thanks also for joining us once again for TTTT and also for my 72nd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two'..,

Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee

KathyB. said...

Pink and green, why, we are thinking alike this week. However, my teacups are not as exquisite as yours.

SNOW! Who would think it would be falling so far south? It is wondrous isn't it?

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Hello, Dear Martha!!
I am totally in love with all of the gorgeous tea cups you have shared with us today!! The colors and the patterns are just exquisite!!
SNOW!! In your neck of the woods??? Ours is finally all melted except for a few huge snow banks made by the plows.
I am so ready for Spring!

Happy Tea Tuesday!!


Anonymous said...

Good day, Martha,

I hope you are much better today. All your cups are so pretty. My favorite is the daisy cup/saucer - how perfectly lovely!
The variegated greens, and the sweet yellow and white daisies make such a lovely, delicate contrast; truly delightfully cheerful.

I'd like to invite you to see the teacup tutorial today to celebrate Teacup Tuesday.

Have a healthy, happy day,

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

I love your shamrock cup! I am trying to find some items for St. Patricks Day, but I haven't seen that pretty cup!! I joined in the party!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Gorgeous as usual...Love the Shelley Shamrock (of course!) and the Aynsley Daisies. I got caught by blue and white this week...but will look out some green for next week.
Lovely, spring like post!

Snap said...

I'm in love with the daisies!

Patti said...

You know me, my friend. I am GAGGING about the snow. I DETEST snow and cold, though when I lived in Florida, where we never got snow, I thought it would be fun to experience it. It only took me one winter to discover that I am NOT a winter gal!!

Anyhow, pink and green are my favorite colors, so I am in love with so many of your showings today. I especially love the Aynsley daisy teacup.

I'm thinking of you today and praying for you right now. Sending love and hugs your way.


Terri said...

Hello Martha,
Your home must be really something with all your pinks and greens out this month! I love all your china today. I feel about the same way as you do about the sandwich/tea plates. I do not have any myself. I fear I am too clumsy for them.
Out of all your cups, the Peppermint Damask is my fav. What a beautiful green color and pattern.
I do love the tea pot salt and pepper shakers too, I have never seen any like that before.
How fun for you all to get a chance to play in the snow! I hope Noah got to make a little snow man!
I hope that your cold goes completely away and that you are feeling chipper soon : )

my cup of tea said...

Ahhh everything you posted is just so sweet and delicate! Makes me want to go treasure hunting!

Anonymous said...

Dear Martha, First time visitor to your adorable blog, love all the tea cups and thought I'd join you for tea.My book review this week is Sandy's Tea Society:
So my sister and I had a creative day compiling tea vignettes of her collection of tea cups and teapots.
I loved joining you for tea cup Tuesday. Yvette x

Anonymous said...

Martha! Pinks and greens steal my heart every time!

Your collections are stunning! So elegant and I simply adore how you mix and match jewelry with your pretty cups. each week I am amazed at how vast your collection must be!

I'm in on the fun today, please visit me for a sweet pink tea!

Ciao Bella

Creative Carmelina

Awishdream said...

Hi Martha, Your blog is so beautifully Gorgeous! and your teacup collection is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your treasures with us! :)

Jocelyn said...

Martha your teacups are gorgeous. And I can see why they are your favorites :-)


Concetta said...

I love all your exquisite details - simply breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures with all of us!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

ohhh I really love your post today dear Martha! all the pretties you shared here, I really love! the figurines are just my fave! as for the Royal Albert teacup, I have one like yours. thanks for sharing and have a great week!

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Martha
I don´t want lose your tea cup Tuesday so I´m here again watching your pretty tea cups

Tara said...

How fun ti get snow when you so seldom do! I always look forward to snow each year. We usually get a little, not a lot so it still makes it special.

Your teacups are as beautiful as ever. That little shamrock one is adorable. You found some great finds at the thrift stores too. I hope you're feeling better with your cold and have a great weekend Martha!

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Martha, I have never seen a snack set like that with an actual saucer attached--usually I think of an enlarge plate with a space for the cup. I do like that one! And I also like your daisy cup. My mom's friends used to call her Daisy and she only drinks her tea out of china cups--never a mug! Your treasures are so interesting. Linda

Sharon said...

I discovered your blog today and love it. I also have the feeling that is my responsibility to "rescue" pretty cups and saucers and other pretty dishes from thrift stores, etc. I was so glad to hear you say that! It is comforting to know that you are rescuing on the west coast and I'm trying to cover as much as I can on the east coast LOL!

parTea lady said...

Green and pink is a lovely color combination. I like it almost as much as blue and yellow. Your teacups today are gorgeous and I really do like that Royal Albert snack set. Wish I could find treasures like that at my local thrift store. ;-)

Awishdream said...

Hi Martha, I love your collection. The snack set is Gorgeous!...I have not seen many of them here in California though...I wonder if they're scarce?...would love to find some with a good price! thanks for sharing!
Melanie :)

Jann said...

Hi Martha! Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog--I love your teacups and other treasures! I enjoy estate sales also-haven't been to one in quite awhile, though. I'm so glad to be here visiting your lovely blog . . . Smiles, Jann

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Martha, I may add my link again today, when it is Tuesday 8 March in your part of the world. I can hardly believe that I haven't posted since last October, but now it is Autumn in Australia, I will have to make an effort to catch up each week. I'm off to read some of your old posts. {{{hugs}}} Delcie

Kathy said...

Martha! You have shared so many gorgeous teacups - I am just amazed at the variety - these are wonderful!
Glad you enjoyed the snow - I understand - the snow we got this winter was quite unusual!
God Bless,

Beth said...

Simply stunning, Martha! I love peppermint demask and sharock the best!
Blessings, Beth