Nov 7, 2010


Hello Ladies! Happy Tea Cup Tuesday No. 36. I have to tell you something funny that happened. Remember when I asked for prayer for Noah, a few weeks back? Well, everything started with an upset stomach. I remember telling a friend, when Noah was nearby that, he has a little bug in his stomach and that he would feel better soon. We have just figured out, almost a month later, Noah thinks he has a real bug in his stomach. His poor Mom and Dad tonight have to figure out a way to get the "bug" out tonight, so he will no longer be upset. You see, he thinks about it ever so often and he begins to feel sick. Wouldn't you, if you thought you had a real bug in your stomach? I feel so bad for what I have done to my poor grandson. Did I learn my lesson today. Please pray that he will forget about it. Poor little guy, it must be awful. But, at least we have finally figured it out!

As I have I been thinking about this week's post, I was smiling because I am surprised at how many tea cups I own. That is pretty bad, I put them away at the end of the month and forget about them until next year. I have been taking bins out from my basement marked "Thanksgiving Decorations" and I have found so many fun November decorations. It is crazy, isn't it? I don't remember what I own, unless it is right in front of my face. I am going to have to do some serious selling on Ebay! I feel like the turkey who said "Have Mercy!"

I am still finding tea cups! It is like going shopping without spending money. I must admit, it is a lot of fun! I am moving on before I talk myself into therapy, again. This first tea cup is so beautiful. It is a hand painted cup that was Made in Japan. I have another one that is similar to this one, but this one is the best! It is a pedestal cup, all gold on the out side with the stunning roses, hand painted on the inside. It has a broken "D" shape handle and the saucer is also hand painted. This week's favorite for sure!

Cup Number 2 is a Royal Minster cup. It is a mixed swirled cup with a scalloped top. It has beautiful burgundy colored fruit. A very fun find. It just says Thanksgiving all over it!

Cup number 3 is a white demitasse cup from Denmark. It is very similar to the one I showed you last week. This one has a very different design at the bottom of the cup and the saucer. It too is marked hand painted. Notice the handle how dainty it is.

Last but not least, this rare Taylor & Kent cup. It has a scallop shape with a matching scallop saucer. It has a looped handle. The colors are very fall like. I have put up more Thanksgiving decorations. Isn't fun to change everything around. I must admit, my favorite decorations are Christmas ones. I can't wait to see those tea cups! Please don't tell anyone I can't remember what I have in storage. I don't want people to think, well you know. I just don't want them to think!

You know what to do with Mr. Linky. Please don't forget to visit Terri. I am sure she will have something amazing to show us from her recent trip. The tea pot is part of a Lusterware set I have.

Love the colors for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful week. Please don't forget to pray for the little Noah and for his Grandmother's mouth! Blessings, Martha


Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

gorgeous floral teacup Martha! wow that's what tea is made for ~
praying for Noah's healing & knowledge of the Truth to set him free..

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Martha,
My friend, we do need to be careful what we say around the children, don't we? My goodness but little ears don't miss a thing. Bless his heart, I do hope he feels better soon, poor little guy! Someday he will get a big laugh out of this.
Your teacups are wonderful! I think my favourite this week is teacup number two, Royal Minster. It is very lovely and perfect for Autumn and Thanksgiving! It's a pleasure as always to stop by and pay you a visit. I'm really looking forward to those Christmas cups!


Lady Katherine said...

Just love the amber teapot! Oh, I do pray your little grandson forgets! I too see sometimes I have to watch what I say. They do take it seriously! All your teacups and jewelry is are beautiful! How I wish I could just come shop in your home! lol Happy Tea Time!

Lisa'sLettersandLace said...

Awe, prayers for little Noah. I have two girls 6 and 8. It's so cute how they take things so literal sometimes. You have a beautiful collection of "harvest" teacups. I love the colors as it's my favorite time of year, until Christmas. haha.. I so enjoy your pictures!! Blessings, Lisa

Bookie said...

I hope Noah is all done with his "bug" by Thanksgiving so he can have a special reason to give thanks!

I favor the cup with the fruit on it...feel like a fall or harvest time cup.

Rose said...

love your tea cups esp. florals. children are apt to take what we say as true to the words. hope Noah gets rid of his "bug". rose

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Martha; You have such beautiful teacups! I love whatever you share with us; no favorite, just love 'em all.
Bless your little Noah! He's so adorable with those gorgeous big eyes.

Terri said...

Martha, I am so glad to hear Noah is on the mend. Hopefully he now believes the bug is gone.
Your tea cups are gorgeous. I know I say that all the time, but they are. I think it is wonderful that you don't remember,so it is like Christmas every time you open a container!
That sounds like fun to me!

Tete said...

Oh Martha, I hope that Noah gets that bug out of there. Maybe if he ate something that would kill that bug- something he likes and won't mind eating.
Then they could tell him that is that and he woouldn't worry so much. Isn't it funny what kids pick up?
Love your teacups- you must have been collecting for a long time.
Hugs- Tete

xinex said...

Glad Noah is better, poor kid thinking he really has a bug inside him. Funny how kids take things literally. I remember when my granddaughter asked me what color was I when everything was black and white, lol. Your teacups are gorgeous, Martha. My favorite is the first one with the roses, so pretty....Christine

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing so many beautiful teacups images, very pretty!

Anonymous said...


KathyB. said...

Martha, you make me laugh and love you all the more!Your jokes at your own expense regarding your vast collections are so funny. Do you do stand-up comedy at local tea shops? You should.

Your grandson is so beautiful. The poor little guy must be so worried about a bug crawling around inside him.

I like your first teacup especially and was surprised by its' all gold outside. So beautiful. You do have quite a collection, but you don't need therapy, blogging does that for you~

mo said...

Hello Martha, Keeping your grandson in my prayers. Thank you for letting us link up with you and Terri. *hugs*

Appleshoe said...

Hello Martha, it's been a while. First, I'm so sorry about your grandson. Perhaps they can leave a piece of sugar out on the bed stand and tell him at night the bug will come out for the sugar and leave? As bad as I feel for the little guy it will be a cute story to tell one day when he is older. Also, I really like your teapot. So simple and classy with just enough flair. Take care.

Snap said...

I hope Noah is over his *bug*. Kids are so literal. Love your tea cups and the tea pot is wonderful. I think I'm in love with the Taylor and Kent cup!

Kathy said...

It's wonderful to look at life the way children do - they're so honest! I remember when my children took things so literally!
Martha! You have the loveliest collection - shopping what we have is a lot of fun! Things are stored here in our attic-I need to go through and see what's stored there :)
Hope you have a marvelous day,

Princesa Nadie said...

Dear Martha
Noah has got a pretty eyes and he is really handsome
Your tea cups are lovely specially the fruits one
Lots of love

Unknown said...

What gorgeous tea cups, and your Noah is the sweetest. Led here from Snap, your blog is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as always Martha. Thank you for taking the time to be so thoughtful.

Concetta said...

Dearest Martha,
I would love to come shopping at your store!!! My favorite is cup #2 - the Royal Minster - I love anything with harvest fruit on it - simply beautiful.

Carrie said...

Oh, Martha -- Please delete the link that says Carrie (#26) It is not correct as I didn't get the URL just right. Thanks. Your photos are just lovely...It seems there is no end to all your beautiful things!

parTea lady said...

Hope little Noah is rid of his bug for good tonight. ;-)

Your tea wares today are gorgeous. I really love that first cup. The lusterware teapot is beautiful too and so is the jewelry. My favorite is the pendant with the fiery stone.

Unknown said...

So he says, in his best falsetto so as to fit in with "the ladies"... Very nice! After a couple weeks of visiting this blog, I have just received my first tea cup in the mail and have several more either on the way or in my Watch List.

I hope there is room for one more collector in the room. Amazing to see such an amazing variety of items in your various collections :)

Linda said...

Hi Martha,
Love all your teacups and the amber teapot is lovely!
Noah is so sweet!! Hope he is feeling much better.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

When my oldest was in grade school, one of his little friends told him that when you go to the eye doctors. they take your eyes out!! I am sure you can only imagine how horrified he was when he found out he needed glasses!! LOL!!

What lovely tea cups as always my freind!!

Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

Kelsie from Our Country Home and Studio Photography said...

I hope mommy and daddy find a fun yet convincing way to evict that naughty bug from the tummy.

I am going thru a similar experience with all my doll stuff that was packed away during my pregnancy and only now 3 yrs later it is coming to light again....Ebay here I can too.

Loved the cups, the Danish one was my favorite, so simple yet elegant.

Thank you for hosting another lovely teaparty

Bab's Kitchen said...

May God heal your grandson. Your tea cups are so pretty. The first one is my favorite. It so unique and elegant.

GwendolynKay said...

Hello Martha,
I am back to the world of blogging and happy to be back and reconnect with special people like you. Pool little Noah, children are so impressionalbe. Maybe you can make a "special" drink for him and tell him bugs don't like it, so it will leave his belly. I love looking at all your teacups and I love how you always put a little bling in with them.
Blessings and hugs!

Victoria said...

Lovelyyyy!! Suuch beauties...I am in love with that red-orangey!! Gorgeous post always..festive fun and beautiful!
have a happy wkd!