Oct 11, 2010


Hello Tea Cup Lovers! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 32. I am so glad we are getting new people to join us very week. When Terri and I started this party we were not even sure any one would come to play. Now look at you! Party animals, that is what you are. I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. My painter is here for my "Pink" craft room so I am so excited. I also want to thank everyone for your encouraging comments about my new store web site. I hope it will be ready for November!

This week I am excited to show you some awesome tea cups! (I know, I am weird. I get excited about tea cups.) These beauties are so stunning! Most have been stored in the basement, just waiting for fall to come around. It feels like they are brand new, because I have not seem them in so long. (I am weird!)

My first is this orange and gold beauty by Noritake. It has this stunning ruffled edge that looks like lace. I may have showed this to you at the beginning of the year when I first found it at an estate sale. It is worth looking at again. It is my favorite cup this week, although, this is a tough week for me to choose, because I really love them all. The shape is Adelaide shape and the handle has a coiled loop. The colors are vivid. It takes my breathe away.

Cup number two is also a favorite of mine. It is a trio by Nippon. It has a hand painted gold, Moriage Porcelain Jeweled design that is outstanding. With a simple round cup shape and a loop handle. The pictures do not do it justice. These cups fetch a pretty sum with collectors. I have had it forever. I can't even remember where I purchased them, only that I brought 3. I only have one left the others have been given to precious friends.

Cup number three is a Haviland, Limoges trio called "Autumn Leaf". This is the only cup I own with a ring handle. You do not see them to often. This set is perfect to display now. I would love to see any ring handle cups you may have.

The last cup is a vintage Coalport. I love the flowers on the inside of the cup. It also has a lace like rim. A wonderful cup to use in the fall. It is fun to put out some of the vintage jewelry I own. I tend to have favorites and use them a lot. I am trying to show you others I collect.

Here is this week's Mr. Linky. You know what to do. Please try to visit as many ladies as you can, you will not be disappointed. Some cups with just make you drool. Say hi to Terri, when you stop by her post at http://artfulaffirmations.blogspot.com/. Last week her cup was just amazing!

I have also included more decorations around the house. Did I ever tell you I collect pumpkin decorations? I am not big on witches and demons for Halloween, I prefer pumpkins. Have a wonderful week. Hugs and blessings! Martha


Patti said...

Actually, Martha, you are not weird at all. I would hazard a guess that ALL of us who partake of the lovely tea parties each week get excited about teacups!!! I LOVE them and count them among my favorite things.

As usual, all your showings today are beautiful. Easily, though, for me, my favorite is the last one, the green one. I am a green freak (even more so than pink). Green is soothing to my spirit, and the lack of green is one of many things I find difficult about winter.

I have never seen a ring handle teacup before. SO...pretty and different.

As always, your jewelry is stunning!!

I've have had a horrible headache today and not been on the computer much. Good thing I had pretty much written my post yesterday, so all I had to do is tweak it a bit and then publish. I hope the headache is gone by tomorrow, so that I can visit everyone's tea parties.


{oc cottage} said...

Eeeeeek! The set with the fall leaves is amazing!!!

m ^..^

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Martha
I love your fall inspired tea cups today! Thank you for hosting..


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Martha, my friend, you must have the most wonderful array of teacups of anyone I know. The green one is totally gorgeous and the other two are simply lovely too. Very different, each one. Love coming to visit you for tea.


Vicki said...

Hi, Martha,
I can see why you are "over the moon" about these pretty and charming cups. Love all of them, but my very favorite is that last one, the green one with the pretty flowers inside. Your autumn decorations are pretty as can be, too. Happy Tea Time to you, my friend~ Vicki

Doni said...

Hi Martha!! Lovely Fall decor today! Love the way you add your collection of jewels to the cups each week! You're so crafty!! I'm joining you this week for the Tea Parties! I'm having a giveaway you might be interested in!!!

Bookie said...

Martha,your post today gave me a jolt. I had a cup and saucers from my husband's grandmother in the Falling Leaves pattern! I broke the one existing cup, but I still have four of the saucers in the bottom of my hutch.Seeing your pictures reminded me of them...

GlorV1 said...

Hi Martha, beautiful teacups. Maybe next time around I may join. I love tea cups too.Have a great Tuesday.

Creative Grammie said...

Hi Martha;
Another round of absolutely beautiful teacups and bling!
TFS & hugs.

Wanda Lee said...

Hello there dear Martha!

At long last I am able to come by for a proper visit!..,Things have been unbelieveably busy here!

The teatime vignettes from last week's tea were beautiful!

..,I am also so enjoying this week's new pictures with those lovely treasures as well!~ I love the Nippon trio epecially, as well as the Autumn leaves motif and the Kelly Green cup!.., So very lovely!

Thanks so much for co-hosting another delightful, 'Teacup Tuesday', as well as sharing these lovelies with all of us!

Thanks so much for joining in with the weekly Tuesday Teatime In Blogland fun as well as for your kind and very encouraging words over the past tree weeks dearest Martha!.., (It meant so much, more than you'll ever likely know dear lady!!)

~ Really, it's always such a pleasure having you partake!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee
@ http;//theplumedpen.blogspot.com
and also ..,
@ http://silkenpurse.blogspot.com

P.S.~ (I'll link up tomrrow, AS IT'S VERY LATE).

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Dear Martha, you are not the only girl who is so excited about teacup! coz I know I do! you always shared many beautiful ones and for today's post, I love the Coalport green teacup a lot! thanks for hosting and sharing! have a great day!

KathyB. said...

Oh so beautiful, especially cup #2. That cup and saucer are art, and worthy of a place of honor to display them.

Martha, you are so funny, your commentary and quips make me laugh and know why I love this teacup Tuesday. Tea with humor and also tea with so many ladies who enjoy their lives, loves, and passions for all things tea and beyond.

Jacoba said...

Hi Martha,
I can imagine that you are all over the moon with these teacups, so pretty, and most of them so matching the season.
The plates with poppies and corn flowers are so nice, there is something so attractive about those flowers.
I would like to join you for teatime.
Have a happy day!

cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Hi Martha, I can't sleep for I thought I'd visit you. I love your teacups, especially the green one with the flowers inside. And that orange one. I don't have many teacups so I all can do is enjoy others. Thanks for the invite to the party and I will have fun looking at others.

big hugs

Dazie said...

Hi Martha, gosh we are spoilt today with all these gorgeous treasures! I cant tell you which one is my favourite as they are all beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh Martha...collecting and loving beautiful things does not make you weird!!!
I look forward to your wonderful tea party...
My favorite today is the green one...and i love the bling...
I also like the ring handle...
Everything is so lovely...your pumpkin displays...you are so talented!!!

HUGS to you my Friend ~victoria~

Terri said...

Hello Martha, your Halloween decorations are looking great and your tea cups are amazing! I love the first one, as it is black, orange and gold, perfect for fall, as well as your Limoges with the beautiful leaves.
I see your lovely Nippon one looks like the one you so generously shared with me! I love it, and you are right, photos don't do them justice. They are really special.
Thank you so much for showing us your cups and home.
Your art room will be so pretty in pink! Can't wait to see it.

Marie said...

Hi Martha - Stunning collection you've shared with us, as usual. I enjoy looking at your teacups, they are such eye candies.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

aren't those cups just FanTaStic? GorGeous!
thx MUCH, Martha, for sharing them :))

Carrie said...

Hello Martha,
At last, my first Teacup Tuesday since my illness. I think my teacup has a ring handle. Please take a look and let me know!
Your teacups are gorgeous,

GardenOfDaisies said...

The Autumn leaf cup is so perfect for this time of year!!! But my favorite of all is the Coalport green! And you always have just the right piece of sparkliness to go with each cup! So do I this week.

Diann said...

Oh Martha! These teacups and saucers are just gorgeous! I love the colors and designs. I don't think I could choose a favortie among them. Thank you for sharing them with us today!

Have a terrific day!

jane maday said...

Hi Martha,
I love your Fall decorations, and especially the Falling Leaves cup! Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together for a giant tea party? I have a question though- I thought that cups marked "Nippon" just meant that they were made in Japan, because that is their word for Japan. Is it a brand name too?

parTea lady said...

Your teacups are all gorgeous. I especially like the Autumn Leaf cup with the ring handle. The jewelry is great as usual - my favorite is the brooch with all the green stones.

Your fall and Halloween decor looks great.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

Always love to come and visit you dear friend and see some more of your beautiful China and decorating.
Do they still make Noritake? I remember when it was big and there were a few dinner sets around.

Hope that you are having a lovely week and enjoying the Autumn days.

Anonymous said...



My favourite cup is the green one! it is my colour!

Thanks for sharing!
ciao bella


Rose said...

your cups are just so beautiful such variation of designs. thanks rose

Victoria said...

Beautiful..so many more treasures..they are all so pretty and unique! Wonderfully festive decor..i adore it..love pumpkins too! Happy Tea!

Bunnym said...

What? A new web store? Where, When? I remember when you had trouble using the computer. You've come a long way woman...good for you. Now email me and tell me what the heck is goin' on....


Wanda Lee said...

Hello there once again Martha!..,

..,It took me awhile to get back to sign up with Mr. Linky, yet as soon as I was able 'to make a special trip to my china cabinet' to take a peek to see what the maker of my pretty yellow and chintz teacup was; (and to add that tidbit of info., to my Wednesday's tea party post), I was ready..,

Many thanks for taking part also with our little corner of, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Tea Time In Blogland', this week .., We always love having you join us!

(Also as mentioned earlier Martha, I love those teacups)!

Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Curtains in My Tree said...

Hi There
I love you Halloween header.
Also we all love cups & saucers. I have lots of odds and ends and have gave several away now i want them back. LOL

I really like the green one you showed us it is just very bright color.
Aslo you autumn leaf well there is Jewel Tea autumn leaf which I have an entire set of my Mom's.
I spotted those rhinestone ear rings and pin set?


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Martha, you have beautiful collections. I have enjoyed seeing them. have a wonderful day....Linda

Annesphamily said...

Maertha, I love your collection. You are a terrific lady and you bring lots of joy to lots of wonderful folks. God Bess You! Anne

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