Oct 1, 2010


Noah blowing bubbles! This is one of his favorites things to do!

Hi Pinkies! Happy Pink Saturday! I am going to be a part of a church yard sale
Saturday morning. I have been spending part of the week deciding what to get rid of and pricing. Set up is at 6:00 am. Hopefully, I will make lots of money. I just had to replace my car's motor mounts, very expensive. I have started to get my home ready for Halloween. Noah just loves it. I want to thank you for your prayers for Noah. He is doing so much better. He is not 100% yet, but getting there. It got a little scarey for a few days. Praise the Lord he is on the mend!

I wanted to show another gift my mother gave me for my birthday. It is this beautiful, vintage, hand painted box. It is stunning! Did I ever tell you I collect boxes? I have quite a large collection, I will need to share it with you soon.

The other pictures are of some "pinks" I have around the home. Hope you enjoy your Pink Saturday! Pray that tomorrow will be cool, I hate the heat! I will see you on Tea Cup Tuesday! Hugs and blessings, Martha


Susan said...

Hello Dear Martha...So happy to see your post. The box your dear Mother bought for you is just enchanting. Loved it. She sure knows just what will please you.

So sorry to hear that Noah was ill. Oh, that little doll. Glad he is on the mend.

How are YOU, dear Martha?

I continue to ask the Lord to help you.

Oh, WISH I could go to that church yard sale. GOOD LUCK. Take care. Warmly, Susan

Lisa said...

I am still in shock at how much Noah has grown over the year I have known you! He is so handsome! Glad he is getting better! I love all your fall! Your blog looks wonderful! How great to have such treasures and how sweet for you to share them with us!
Hugs, Lisa

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy pink Saturday Martha Sweetie...
What a beautiful share today. Oh the box from your precious Moma is exquisite. I so love it. It is something you will treasure for the rest of your life. I love it.

I am so happy to hear that Noah is on the mend, bless his little heart. He has the most handsome little face sweetie, just so handsome.

Boy I wish I could go to the church sale. I love those sales more than any. I can spend a good portion of a morning at a church rummage sale. Always reasonably priced and such a wide variety of goodies.

Thank you for sharing this evening sweet friend. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Rose said...

great photos. a bubble machine at toys ur us for children is also. i gave one to my gradchild and she loved it. beautiful box. hope you make money at the yard se.. rose

Eileen said...

So glad to hear your grandson is doing better! I just love church yard sales. And bazaars. They are some of the best for finding treasures. Hope you do well. I love your pink rectangle dish - just lovely. Happy Pink Saturday!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh your pinks are lovely today, as always. I didn't realize that Noah was ill ~ sure hope he is better by now.

BTW, love hearing Don Ho sing Tiny Bubbles!! I have a pic of he, me and my daughter when we attended his show in Oahu ~ fun memories!

Happy PS!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Unknown said...

Happy Pink Saturday and I hope you do well with your sale. You Grandson looks like he is doing better. Love all you Pinks today and you Fall blog look is Great! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hello Martha...
What a cutie patootie grandson!!! But you already knew that...
Hope you're doing well these days...
I've had a few days down but trying to get myself back to ME!!!
Love your share today ~ Happy PINK Saturday for sure...and
Love that Don Ho Tiny Bubbles :D

HUGS ~victoria~

viridian said...

I love pink roses!
Thank you for sharing.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Unknown said...

G'morn Martha ~ Noah is so handsome & cute! Love your beautiful pinks & treasures, as always.

We finally finished both house constructions & took off for 2 weeks. I apologize not having been with you lately, but will be better now.

TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Patti said...

I'm glad Noah is on the mend. It's always SO scary when our little ones are really sick...those high fevers can be quite frightening. I love the photo of him. He's an absolute doll!!!

Your box is gorgeous. Yes, I would definitely love to see more of your collection.

And that rose teapot...oh, wow, I LOVE that.

Oh, and the rose stained glass...gorgeous. You have lots of pretty pinks today.

Hope the yard sale goes great and that you make lots of money.

Blessings and hugs,

mo said...

Hi Martha, Just beautiful. All of it. I love the name "Noah". He is precious. I love the pink rose box. It is breathtaking. When you get the chance stop by my blog. I created a blog button and when I was done...I thought of you. *hugs*

Terri said...

Beautiful Martha! I can't believe how many things you collect!
I especially love your rectangular tray with all the roses and gold trims. It is just beautiful!
I am so glad to hear Noah is feeling better. And I am also glad to hear that you are somewhat improved too! Yea!

Maggie said...

Okay your pinks are really cute, but Noah and the bubbles take the cake!!!

Happy PS!

In Shoes We Trust,
Maggie Mae@
"Do these shoes match this purse?"

Connie Arnold said...

You have a lovely blog, Martha! I have a grandson Noah also, and he's about the same age as your Noah seems to be. Grandchildren are such treasures, and it looks like you have lots of other treasures as well.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Noah is the cutest and your pinkies are a close second!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

Love the sweet box your Mother gave you for your birthday,
That is such a sweet photo of Noah and so glad to hear that he is feeling much better.
Hope that the Church sale went well and enjoy the rest of the weekend


Tammy said...

Hi Martha, hope your church sale yesterday was successful. That Noah sure is growing. My 11 year old still likes to blow bubbles. For that matter, so do I sometimes :) Sending all good wishes your way, Tammy

Bunnym said...

Hey pink lady,

As usual, your little Noah is adorable. And as usual your up to your old decorating tricks. Halloween decor already? I think I'm just gonna put up fall stuff and leaf it at that...lol

love ya,


Bohemian said...

Dear Martha... thank you for stopping by my Blog. What a precious Grandbaby you have! And some delightful Found Treasures too! I am so enjoying meeting all the kindred Spirits here in Blogdom and starting my own Blog... it is so much more than I had expected it to become... what a wonderful Community around the World to connect to! Glad to hear your Grandson is doing better and on the mend, it is always a special challenge to have a sick child.

Dawn... The Bohemian