Jan 22, 2010


Hi: I feel like I am giving you a nickel tour of what I do around my home. Does anyone care what it looks like? Probably not, but that's OK. I love to blog and really enjoy hearing from you. So if you are reading this, this is my life. Anyone else think it is a little weird to have strangers who you will probably never meet, looking in your home? The strangest thing is, I don't think of you as strangers, but friends. Friends who care about me and I care about you.

I have been thinking to much, (dangerous, I know). I finally got out today. I have been a prisoner in my own home with all this rain. I do not like to drive in it, so I have been home. My son, the snowboarder, is finally home. Thank God! He thought he was going to get snowed in. Which he thought would be way cool. God help me!

While I was out today, I had the weirdest thing happen to me. Some of you may know, I have been having a difficult time, these past few months. I was in the parking lot of Vons, putting my groceries in the car, when a lady, out of no where, came over to my car and just stared at me. I am a little peculiar but, this was different. It was raining a little bit, and she just stood there, looking at me. She was no further than 2 feet away from me, I could have touch her. The lot was well lit. The weird thing about this was, she looked exactly like my mother-in-law, who I dearly loved and miss. She has been dead for almost 2 years. She smiled at me with such love in her eyes. It was like she was saying "Don't worry, Martha, everything is going to be all right!" I quickly put the bags I had in my hand in the car, so I could talk to her. When I turned around she was gone, just gone. It was only for a few seconds, she was just gone. My mother-in-law had a large chest, so did this lady, it was her. I know that can't happen. I still am not sure what happen to me. Have I been in this house to long? Do I just miss her so much, I needed her reassurance?

I am a Born Again, Christian, so was she. I know where my mother-in-law is at. So, maybe it is time for me to take that "little yellow pill". I just had to tell someone, so you are it. Please do not stop visiting my blog, because now I am crazy.
It happened, I promise!

Changing subject quickly. I have started to miss "pink" in my home, so my living room is in the process of getting decorated for February. Know you are really going to think I am crazy!

OK, hope all is well with you!

Only a few more days until the give away. (Safe subject!) Get all the 411 in the post below. I am posting this before I change my mind. Blessings, Martha


Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

aww i think thats lovely she appeared to you and it must have been to comfort you and say it will be okay.Unless big chested ladies of a certain age just seem to like you hehe I dont think you are any crazier than the rest of us either.My whole life is on my blog.I love your home and teh way you decorate.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

My kids want to know why I am laughing! Martha, you are a hoot! Did I tell you I saw you at the grocery story some time back? I had to remind myself that you are in California and I am in Kuwait and that is not gonna happen. Seriously, it's like we really are so close that I could just walk into any of you on the street at any time. Blogging really is a wonderful world. As for your encounter, no doubt it happened. You are not crazy! Sometimes I dream about my mother-in-law who died of cancer nearly 5 years ago. My husband always says I am blessed when I dream like that. All your pinks are lovely and your home is just chock full of love! Blessings to you dear Martha. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Tammy

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

You're not daffy; it absolutely can happen. Naysayers know not of what they speak, so I don't hold it against them.

What a blessing you had to see her again! I'm happy for that, Martha.

Your little pink vignettes are so pretty. I may just learn something about pulling small groups of things together from you!

Elena said...

Everything in your post is gorgeous & beautiful. Happy pink saturday to you!

Have a lovely week.
ciao for now,
Elena :)
PS. my pink saturday post is at this blog - http://epdesigns.com.au/blog


I adore those earings - all your pictures are wonderfully evocative...

Quilt Works said...

Thank you for prutting a smile on my face!
I love vintage pink - the earring in particular caught my attention!

With best pink wishes,


Teacup Mosaics said...

You are not crazy, just lucky for having a little glimpse of one you miss. Thanks for sharing, I think we all have these moments some time or another. Thanks for the "friendly" tour. Happy PS!

♥Mimi♥ said...

What a wonderful Pink Saturday post! I just ♥ the fact that each of us shares such a variety of items - that's one reason why this event is never boring. Always something fun, new, lovely or interesting around the corner.

Your grocery store parking lot 'happening' made me smile. I know what you mean about thinking you've seen someone. Won't go into a lot of detail here - maybe one day I'll share on my blog☺

Thanks for sharing a part of yourself today☺ Cold, gloomy day today but, as always, bright and sunny on the Pink Saturday blogs.

♫Wishing you sunshine and happiness this weekend!♫

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning Martha,
What a pretty blog you have and what luscious pinks! Dreamy even! Your post is hardly boring. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely Pink Saturday weekend.


Claudia said...

My darling Martha, that absolutely can happen. I have no doubt in my mind that that was your MIL. She came to you when you needed her. I love this story and I am so glad you shared it with us. You don't need a little yellow pill, my friend, you are entirely sane.

Love your pinks, as always, and I have my eye on that teacup and saucer! Happy Pink Saturday1


stefanie said...

your not crazy, just a little sad, and God sent you a little love....have a wonderful weekend.!!! love the pinks

Tara said...

What a fascinating story! I don't think you've gone crazy, I think just because our loved ones are in Heaven doesn't mean they can't come and see us when we need them most, so if you believe that's what happened, hold that thought tight and let is comfort you.

I love seeing pictures of all your treasures, keep em coming and Happy Pink Martha!

Terri said...

Martha, you are totally fine and totally tuned in! What a wonderful loving visit!

Your pinks are fab. I love your pink tea cup!
I finally posted a pic of my art room. Come and take a peek!

BTW did you answer my questions about Tea Cup Tuesday???
I will go look at my previous posts here.

LADY JANE said...

Dear Martha...I so believe it was your dear MIL...I know these things are soooooo true! I see my Dad often...and always quention myself after....no doubt anymore though dear...believe in Angel visits! Now I'm checking out your giveaway and adding myself as a follower!!!!!!!

Patricia said...

Happy Pink Saturday !!! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing the lovely photos - your blog is just beautiful. Please have a wonderful new week.

Unknown said...

Hi Martha!
You are not crazy. And, listen to her.
I sent you an e-mail...hope ya got it.

Susan said...

Hi Martha....Lovely photos. You are a great collector! And, of course, I don't find it strange that you snap photos of things in your house to share with the world because I do the same thing! Ha! I believe the lady who was staring at you was your mother-in-law. I got chills when I read the post. I believe people we love who are on the other side do, indeed, send us messages. In this case, a visit was made.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hi Martha,

I just found your blog and was impressed by your admission that you are a serial collector. Although this post is more serious, I find many of your posts are filled with humor, lovely photos, and adorable collections. I am also a collector, and on some Sundays I show my collections. Not this week, but there will be lots in the future.

The reason for this post is I feature a new blog each day. After finding your blog, and seeing your organization post, a subject I've been posting about on my blog lately, I just had to feature yours tomorrow (Jan. 24). Thank you for your lovely blog.

Char said...

Your blog gave me a good laugh and I think most of us can relate. Pretty post this week, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous pinks you've shared today!! Love your song Unforgettable today, too. Appropriate for your post. I think we can "wish" things til they happen. I'd love to see my daddy again!

Happy PS!

Angelic Accents

My Vintage Treasures said...

Happy Pink Saturday!
Thanks for the tour, worth more than a nickle thought :) I love the plate & teacup set, what design is it? I just LUV it!!!

My Vintage Treasures

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Martha,

Your pink plates, cups and saucers are pretty.
I love your story about seeing your MIL in the carpark ~ how lovely and special.

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend

Regina said...

Happy Pink Dear Martha.
An an angel visited you I guess.

Beautiful photos here.
Wishing you a lovely and sunshiny weekend.

Terri Morse said...

Martha, as a former nurse, I've heard such accounts before, and I can honestly say I don't think you are crazy. God can use any way he chooses to encourage and reassure us. I firmly believe that experiences such as yours are more real than a lot of things we see and hear on this earth. They are reminders of God's very real and personal love for us. Every time I hear of an experience such as yours, I am reassured of His very real presence and the promise that something better waits for us all. Hugs, Terri

CC said...

Dear sweet Martha, I think you are absolutely so not crazy, I think you were fortunate to have a hug from Heaven. I know there are angels sent to us when we so desperately need them.. I absolutely know that, and I think you needed that sweet visit at just that time. I'm so happy it was there for you.
Sending you a hug from Texas..CC

Bunnym said...

Join the club Martha...this happens to me from time to time. And as far as your life on your blog..I find you interesting and sweet. No worries (((HUG)))


Unknown said...

Fantastic plate!!!
Happy Pink Saturday.

Unknown said...

Martha, I like your name. I love your blog, everything in it. I see you are a pink and rose lover. Is there anything better? Ok, your china, the Staffordshire rose in pink, that happens to be my favorite china. Do you have a hard time finding pieces? It has taken me forever to collect mine. Your grandkids are precious. I wish I can decorate my home as frecuently as you do. No time for that, my shop takes most of my time. I will add you to my blogroll and will add your button to my blog, I want people to see your pretties. Blessings, the other Marta.

Anonymous said...

I'd pay a quarter for that tour! Pretty pretty. Now I can't explain your vision today either, but I'd take it as a love gift, too. Chalk it up to the unexplainable. Hugz to you, sister~and happy Pink Saturday.

prashant said...

I am reassured of His very real presence and the promise that something better waits for us all.

Work from home

Jenny said...

I don't think you are crazy...I think you are just neat! And I love your rhinestone jewelry!

GwendolynKay said...

Oh dear Martha!
What a blessing! I believe you when you say it was her. We just don't know all the workings of heaven and our Lord...some things remain a mystery....
Love your positive music here too!
remember God loves you and so do we!!!