Sep 26, 2016


Hello Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 319!  What a very bad week in the news for us.  I do hope you are all safe.  In Los Angeles, the Santa Ana winds are in full gear, which means fire danger is extremely high, always worrisome for me. I did find out what is wrong with my back, Spinal Stenosis.  I have both the Cerebral and Lumbar types.  There is now a plan to give me some relief, yeah! So what I plan to do, ladies,  is continue with the party each week and when I can't, you will know why.  Just wait for me, please, thanks.

I am joining the Enchanted Rose, tea cup exchange.  I am so excited about that. I have only been in one exchange, years ago put on my our friend Terri.  It was a blast! 

This first cup I am sharing is this antique Limoges, demitasse.  It is this very pale peach color on cream.  I have a set of 4 different colors,  They are almost wafer thin.  

Then you are a tea cup collector, it is hard to pick favorites.  I try only to purchase those I really love.   This next tea cup is an all time favorite of mine.  It is an Aynsley of course,  these pictures do not  do it justice. 

Busy week for me, working on Sophia's Tea Party and Halloween Costumes for all the grandchildren and a few of the adults as well.  Here is hoping we get cooler weather.  Have a wonderful week.  Here are the parties I am joining this week.  Hugs, Martha

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Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Those are exquisite teacups Martha.

Szara Sowa said...

You have beautiful china. The hen and the cock lovely. Have a nice week.

Margie said...

Glad to hear that you have a pain management plan for your back condition. Stephanie's teacup exchanges are always a delight! Your gold teacups are gorgeous. Hope we get to see the Halloween costumes! Thank you for hosting and have a great week.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I'm so happy to hear that there is a plan for relief for your spinal stenosis, Martha. You are a special hostess and we will be happy to join you whenever you can, and we will certainly understand when you can't. Your teacups are such beauties. I'm so happy to hear that you're joining Stephanie's teacup exchange! Hope you have a great week.

Daniela said...

Dearest Martha,
I read with much gladness that there's a remedy for your pain, that's really a good news sweet friend !

So very grateful to you for posting such wonderful images of your treasures and for hosting me today I'm sending blessings on your week just begun

Xx Daniela

DUTA said...

You'll hardly find someone without back problems . What helps in these matters, from my own experience, are exercising and, if neccessary, droping a few pounds to decrease pressure on spine and nerve roots. Don't panic! Stenosis is slow-progressing, so you have the time to help yourself.

The Limoges cup is my favorite.

Susan said...

Hello Dear Martha. So glad you have a final diagnosis and can now work on treating it. My dear Mom had that and was operated on. Hope you feel better SOON. Hugs. Susan

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

It is somewhat comforting you have a diagnosis now. It will be more comforting once you experience some relief from the pain. All of us understand when you are not able to blog/post.
Beautiful and delicate teacups. I like how you said you only purchase ones you really like. The trouble is there are so many I like! :)
Take care and thank you for hosting.

The Charm of Home said...

I hope you get well soon Martha! Stay safe. Thanks for hosting!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Martha,
I hope there will be a treatment which help your health. I wish you the very best.
Your tea cups are perfect for the season. Thank you for hosting the party and for sharing this wonderful post.
Best greetings, Johanna

doodles n daydreams said...

Martha your teacups are so lovely, thanks for sharing with us. I hope your health is on the improve and that you enjoy your creative family time with the costumes this week. You are a talented lady :)


Karen said...

Hi Martha,
I'm sorry to hear about your back problems but at least you know what it is. I haven't had much time to blog lately so am not linking up this week but will next week. Your fine teacups are lovely today. I hope your back improves every day. Blessings, Karen

Patti said...

I'm so glad you have a diagnosis for your back problem. I hope the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor will bring relief.

A teacup exchange sounds so fun!


Patti said...

I'm so glad you have a diagnosis for your back problem. I hope the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor will bring relief.

A teacup exchange sounds so fun!


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