Feb 22, 2016


Hi Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 299 and my home a place where anything can and does happen.  Well, my son has had a better week, thank God. Things have come back to "our" normal around here.  I was having a new floor put in my laundry room and my $3500, stackable washer and dryer fell.  They fell face first and were destroyed. Of course,  the homeowners insurance does not cover dumb moves (I don't know why?)  So, I had to purchase a new set.  I am grateful no one was hurt, except a little damage to some pride.  God is good.  

I have decided to decorate for Easter a little early.  I always decorate when I am stressed.  (I have been a decorating fool, lately.)  Easter is my second favorite holiday.  Love to use the lavender and purple colors. I especially love the little bunnies, they remind me of my youth. I am a Christian and know that Easter is all about the Resurrection of Jesus.  I just think bunnies are so cute. The first cup I am sharing is this English, Iris in a basket.  Great colors and delightful to use.

The second cup also features Iris flowers.  It was made in Japan.

My Granddaughter Maya wore her Greek Goddess dress.  She said she felt like a Goddess. She growing up so quickly.  Tomorrow, Sophia will have her dance recital.  We just keep our fingers crossed she will dance.  She does great, when she is home alone.

Here is this week's link and the parties I am going to join this week.  Please feel free to join the party and share whatever is on your heart.  Have a great week.  Sending hugs, Martha


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Dear Martha,
I'm so glad this is a better week and things are returning to normal for you. Your teacups are so pretty and it's always lovely to see your jewelry. Thank you for sharing and I hope your good week continues.


Bernideen said...

Dear Martha:
Your granddaughter looks so cute. Hopes she dances like no one is looking as they say! Your violet tea cup is lovely and all your purple items. Glad things are better with your son but sorry to hear about the washer/dryer crash. We have had some crashes ourselves.

Terri said...

Hello Martha,
Your Easter decor is coming along beautifully! I am glad you enjoy it so and it cheers you. I am so glad to hear that Kyle is doing better again. That is very good news. I am very sorry to hear about your washer and dryer. I hope that all works out well soon.
Your tea cups are sweet with violets. I love the basket one, I haven't seen that pattern before.
Maya looks lovely! She makes a great goddess : )

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Everything is so darling - I love the easter decorations. I think I'll start getting mine out one of these days too. So sad about the washer and dryer - I'd never heard of that happening. Best wishes to you lovely granddaughter.

The Charm of Home said...

I love your beautiful violet teapots and Easter decor Martha! Spring will be here soon for us. I am sure you are enjoying your weather! Thanks for hosting.

Margie said...

Purple is my favourite colour so I'm loving this week's pretty teapot and teacups. Thank you for hosting and enjoy the rest of the week!

Sweet Pea said...

I've been very absent from blog land recently. Just catching up.
Easter is my favourite season of the year...maybe because it doesn't seem to have the crazy commercialism that has overtaken Christmas. I've been thinking of decorating for Easter this year but haven't as yet. I understand why you would feel the need to decorate while feeling stressed...hope life brightens up even more for you. And good luck with the dance Sophia.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I'm glad your son is doing better, Martha, and that you're decorating for Easter. What a shame about the washer and dryer, but at least no one was hurt. Your teacups are so pretty and everything looks special for spring. Maya looks so lovely as a goddess and I hope Sophia dances!! Thanks for hosting, Martha!

xinex said...

I am so glad your son's back to normal, Martha. Your tea cups are lovely, beautiful lavender colors!...Christine

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Martha, so glad your son is having a better week. :) Sorry to hear about your washer and dryer!
Purple is beautiful for Easter, royalty colors for our "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords". Your violet teacups are so pretty.
Maya looks pretty too!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Popping in to say hi - glad things are going well, Martha!

No teacups for me today - they're all hiding under plastic sheets due to getting my world painted this week.

Have a good one, big hugs!!! ♥

Karen said...

Hi Martha,
I'm glad this week has been a little better. How upsetting about your washer and dryer. So expensive! Your violet teacups are very pretty and I have a similar pansy teapot. I think being creative and decorating does help our stress amidst this crazy worrisome world. Thank you for hosting Dear Martha! Blessings, Karen

Beth in NEPA said...

Oh Martha, so sorry to hear about your washer and dryer. Glad things are looking better this week.
I do love pansies and violets so enjoyed seeing your offerings this week. Your granddaughter is beautiful.

Susan said...

Hi Dear Martha....Love the Easter decor. I love that holiday, too. So glad to hear all is well with your son. The Lord is, indeed, so good. Take care, Martha. I think of you often. Susan

Kim said...

Hi Martha, Thank you for visiting my little blog. I am so delighted you did because that means I have found your lovely place. Love the gorgeous teacups and your Easter decorating is delightful. I love that moss/pansy basket sitting atop your table....did you make this pretty??

Cynthia said...

Glad to hear your son is doing better, Martha. Maya does look pretty in her Grecian Goddess dress. You are a very talented seamstress!

TiffanyJane said...

Love all the pics, your granddaughter is beautiful as well :) Hate to hear about the washer and dryer incident, yikes :(
Happy Sunday~

janice15 said...

Dearest Martha came by for a visit and I see you haven't been here since Feb. I hope everything is okay with you and your family sending love and Prayers. With love Janice

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