Aug 31, 2015


Hello ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 284.  Had a wonderful week, two in a row, yeah!  My baby girl had a birthday and we celebrated as a family on Sunday.  I love this picture of her in a super hero outfit, she is so much like that.  It seems like she is always doing 10 things at once,  always doing everything with Godly grace. Happy Birthday Vanessa!

I am still having trouble with the iCloud.  Classes are this week, so no new cups again this week.  So sorry, I picked cups I can find.  This first one is made in Austria.  It is so delicate and pretty.  Love the pale pink colors. 

The next cup is a Stanley.  Love the huge rose design. 

This last cup is a Foley.  It is just stunning.  Pictures do not do it justice.   I love cups with designs that cover the inside of the tea cup.  

 Having a big party in my garden this weekend.  I am so excited.   I just have to be sure to behave myself and not over do.  Here are some almost current pictures of my grandchildren.  All current ones are lost in the iCloud, whatever that is.  

Had so much fun visiting your wonderful homes last week. Looking forward to visiting again.  Here are some of the parties I plan to attend this week. Hugs, Martha

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xinex said...

Beautiful collection of teacups, Martha! Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!...Christine

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your teacups are really lovely, Martha. I share mine over again all the time because I am trying not to buy any more since we will be down-sizing soon. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I know what you mean about the iCloud. My son wanted to put all my pictures in the iCloud and I said 'No' because I don't have a clue how to work it. I suppose like everything else on this new computer, I will learn how and so will you. Have fun at your party and be careful not to overdo!


Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi Martha...hope the classes go well...I am taking some next week so I can use my iPad...a bit daunting! Lovely teacups, and love the photo of your "suoerhero" birthday girl! It's my turn for some back probs from a car accident 6 years ago which occasionally shows up again. Thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Yea for you in having another good week, Martha! Happy Birthday to you darling daughter, too!
All your teacups are so pretty, but my favorite is the first one from Austria. I love it's delicate beauty.
Thanks for hosting and I hope you keep having great weeks!!

Margie said...

So glad to hear that you continue to have better days. I always enjoy seeing your teacups, even if they've been featured on your blog before. I hope that your iCloud issues get sorted out soon! Thanks for hosting and have another great week!


Happy birthday to your pretty daughter. Many blessings for her.
The grandchildren are just as pretty too.
Your teacup collection is simply beautiful. Wish I knew how many you have.
Thank you for hosting the tea party.
Have a blessed week.

Tea in Texas said...

It is always so much fun to celebrate a family birthday.Your pretty teacups and saucers in the roses patterns are lovely. The photos of your family are so sweet! Have a great week and thanks for the kind comments.


doodles n daydreams said...

Hello Martha, lovely photos of the family and I have to tell you that my baby is also Vanessa - a great name :) The Stanley is a lovely tea cup, very decadent with those big roses on it.
I'm glad you've had a good week, here's to another great one or two coming up. Blessings,


Karen said...

Hi Dear Martha,
I do love your Stanley teacup and the Foley. Such gorgeous roses. Your daughter Vanessa is beautiful and the grand children look so happy. I hope that you have a wonderful garden party. We have had a terrible storm with trees down and power outages. So there will be no outdoor tea parties for me this week unless the weather cooperates. Don't overdo it and take care of yourself.
Blessings! Karen

Karen said...

Hi Dear Martha,
I do love your Stanley teacup and the Foley. Such gorgeous roses. Your daughter Vanessa is beautiful and the grand children look so happy. I hope that you have a wonderful garden party. We have had a terrible storm with trees down and power outages. So there will be no outdoor tea parties for me this week unless the weather cooperates. Don't overdo it and take care of yourself.
Blessings! Karen

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

Glad to hear you are feeling well and able to celebrate your daughter's birthday. I agree I love designs inside the actual teacup. Your Foley is stunning! Here's to continued health and tea time this week!

The Charm of Home said...

Martha your daughter is so cute in that super hero outfit! Thanks for hosting. You have the prettiest teacups.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Beautiful teacups and happy birthday to your lovely daughter! Hope you take lots of pictures of your garden party for your blog!

Bernideen said...

Martha: Your cups are lovely as usual. Sounds like a wonderful party in the garden. I had a crisis moment and accidentally deleted your comment. Fingers do funny things sometimes! If you want to redo it you can. (Your link is ok though)

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Oh wow, Martha, I agree! The Stanley and the Foley cups are very beautiful!
Thanks so much for stopping by "Let's Talk Vintage!" I'm going to try and link up with your cup and saucer party... I am waiting in a dance studio for my daughter to finish her class... let's hope I can figure out how to use this tablet computer!

Miss Kathy said...

Hi Martha! Well, those huge roses on the Stanley cup are my favorite--but your daughter outshines them all. A lovely super-lady, to be sure. But . . . aren't ALL our daughters our personal super-heroines?? I love mine muchly, too.
I'm joining a Teacup Exchange and sharing same with you today--so excited!

janice15 said...

Such lovely cups loved them all... there nothing like family.. Happy September Martha with love Janice

Susan said...

Hi Martha...Happy birthday to Vanessa and I wish her a wonderful new year of life!

So glad you are feeling so much better. Good luck with the party. It is bound to be wonderful with you as the hostess!

Take care and God bless you, my dear fried. Susan

Susan said...

p.s. boo boo Meant to say my dear "friend" not fried. Sorry about that Martha. Don't want you to be fried. LOL

Deanies Stash said...

The teacups are very pretty.

janice15 said...

Happy Labor day weekend Martha, i love all your tea cups but i think i Love the Stanley most of all its just beautiful with those large rioses. I also love the first o e show, the two statues reminded me of my mama she would had loved those. Glad your getting better. I woke this morning and i could barely walk over did myself yesterday. Enjoy your weekend with love Janice

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