May 31, 2015


Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 273!   Hope  you have all been doing well this week and are ready to share your tea cups.  We have been having such a wonderful turn out lately.  Thanks so much.  I have been busy with a scrapbook for my niece that is graduating from high school in two weeks.  I am so behind on it.  I am working on my dining room table, I am very messy when I create.  The table has no room to eat on.  We have been out all weekend, but that will change at the beginning of the week. I will have to move everything.   School will be officially out here, on Wednesday.  My life is about to get very busy with the Grandchildren.  I love it, I just have to finish that scrapbook.  

Today I will be sharing more blue tea cups, starting with these wonderful, Blue Bubble, Depression Glass.  It was one of the very first dish set I collected.  I had a service for 25 that I recently gave to my nephew for a house warming gift.  Not sure what he thought about it, but every once in a while, at a family gathering they come out.  It had all it's matching serving dishes.  His wife will one day appreciate the dishes.  I love to give dish sets to family members.   I have already set aside dishes for my Princess Maya and Sophia.  The earrings are Julliana's. They are stunning.  I am selling them if you are interested!

The next cup I am sharing is a vintage Royal Dover.  It is really a coffee cup.   Love the flowers!

The last cup I am sharing today is a vintage Aynsley.  Need I say more?   

Here are a few vignettes around my home.  Have a wonderful week.  Thank you for your faithfulness to this little party.  I look forward to visiting everyone this week. Hugs, Martha
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Ruth W said...

Hi Martha. LOVE your Aynsley...but no surprise, it's blue! I know you'll be happy to have the grands around. Have a wonderful week and thanks for hosting!

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.


Your collection of teacups and lady figurines is like no other...simply gorgeous!
Thank you for the tea party dear Martha.
Have a blessed week.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I always enjoy seeing your collections and teacups, Martha. Your blue bubble depression cups are so pretty and what a nice gift. Your other two teacups are beautiful, and I especially love the Ansley one. Thank you for hosting and I hope you get that scrapbook finished.

Jamie Renner said...

Hello Martha,
It was lovely to see your collections. I especially liked the Wedgwood boxes in the first photo.


Margie said...

I think that this is the first time that I've ever seen blue bubble depression glass (at first glance, I thought that it was clear!) My fave teacup this week is the pretty Aynsley.

relevanttealeaf said...

Hi Martha! Blue is my favorite color, so I'm especially enjoying this post! So many pretty things to see on your blog. Have a wonderful week!
~ Phyllis

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

What a nice collection of blue teacups! The Aynsley is so regal and beautiful. Like Margie mentioned, I don't think I've ever seen blue depression glass. I need to keep an eye out for it. The scrapbook for your niece is going to be a gift she will always cherish. I'm so behind with my scrapbooking...
Thanks for hosting,

xinex said...

Your cups are all so beautiful...Christine

Susan said...

Hello Dear Martha...Your blues are pretty. Good luck with the scrapbook. Bet it will be wonderful! Susan

Mom Wald said...

You have so many beautiful goodies. I wonder how you store them. Your home is like a treasure trove!

Karen said...

Hi Martha,
I am sorry I am very late to link up this week. My mother is not well and I have been spending time with her as much as possible. I love your blue teacups this week but the Aynsley is amazing! Enjoy spending time with your dear grandchildren. Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting once again! Blessings, Karen

Zaa said...

HI Martha... You always present so beautifully... Your bubble depression ware is a precious gift that I'm sure will be enjoyed.Blue seems to always blend nicely with whatever else you own... I'm an Ansley fan so really appreciated the viewings... the vintage figurine is absolutely precious... Have fun with the grandchildren ..It's a special time, but I'm sure you'll need quite a few tea breaks (Ha Ha)..I'll keep the kettle on ...Hugs

Carrie said...

Hi Martha! I really like your blues today :). I have a set of depression glass that my mom gave me--it is great getting things from family members. Then dishes have an even more special meaning. Your Aynsley teacup is really pretty :)

Parsimonious Perfection said...

Beautiful them all! We are finished with the school year soon here nice to enjoy time with family, how lucky yours are that you share this lovely hobby with them!

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