Sep 8, 2014


Hello dear friends, welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 238! Lots to share today. I want to start with a confession. I did not do well this week, as far as my quest for taking things out of my home. Nothing was taken out and a few more things were added. I was doing so well, too. It was my first big hiccup in the plan. I will show you what I purchased, but first I have to show you this wonderful gift from my Son-in-Law, Kevin. He made this amazing shelf for me to store the Grandchildren's toys. They have their own spot in the living room and in the bedroom. The bedroom was over flowing so he made this for me. It made me cry, when I read the back. That message will be there forever! I love him so much!

On my many travels this week, among the things I found, was this beautiful tea cup by Regency. It has this very interesting handle. I don't think I have seen one like this before. I have been trying not to buy tea cups any more unless they are amazing. I thought this was on the amazing side.

My next cup is a Paragon. Relax, I had this one. In fact, I totally forgot about it. (One of the reasons I do not want to buy more,) It has beautiful colors. Perfect for this time of year.

The next tea cup is the cup I am giving away! We have a winner! Kitty, from Kitty's Kozy Kitchen. Anytime I visit her blog, she has such great goodies that I get so hungry. So Kitty, send me an email with your address and I will ship your cup out this week. Congratulations!

Now for a few of my new found treasures. This vase came from a thrift store. If anyone knows who made this vase, please let me know. It is signed by hand, AAG 82. It is very old, but I do not recognize the signature. The style looks like a Tiffany. It was only $40. I never pay that much for anything. I am a "under $10" lady. Please email me if you think you know. Thank you!

A hand painted Nippon Vase was also part of the treasures I picked up. It is so stunning. I did not take good pictures of this one.

A few hand painted plates for my Laundry Room which I am going to paint a very light blue.

Starting to feel a little guilty so I will only show you one more thing, maybe two. This beautiful pink depression glass set and this Fenton Bowl. I will show you more next week. I have to behave myself. They were so cheap, I couldn't stop myself. I need prayer, I know.

Changing the subject and talking about prayer, my son is doing so much better. Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for Terri and her son. She had a hard week. Tea Cup Tuesday is so different without her. I miss her. Thanks for not judging me!

Hugs, Martha


Rita C. said...

Martha, you're so funny with your comment, "I need prayer". I think we all do! I just finished purging my basement (huge project) and reorganizing, then received - guess what? - more dishes in the mail! Purge/binge, it took me 3 hours to rearrange things to put them away properly!

Your items are pretty, esp. with the jewelry items you photographed with them. That glass vase could also be Loetz - it sort of looks like that or Tiffany, as you said. If I find anything, I'll let you know.

Your son is sweet to have made that shelf unit for you. He's trying to help you stay organized.

Have a good week.

Jill said...

I would have a hard time passing on that unique Regency cup. Oh My on that vase. It appears to be from the Art Deco period. Hand blown based on the pontel on the bottom. IT may be an item for the Antiques Road Show. GORGEOUS!

Karen said...

Oh Martha,
You make me laugh and I keep smiling when reading your tea time posts. I am impressed that you are trying to part with your pretties. I just can't bear to give any of mine away. Kevin must love you dearly and I am sure that you are the best grandma ever! What a sweet shelf he has made you and your newest finds are wonderful! Love that teacup and those vases! Wow! Happy Tea Day! Karen

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

So many pretties, Martha! I love the Regency teacup. Congratulations to Kitty! You always write an entertaining post and I always leave with a smile. Have a lovely week.


kitty said...

Oh Martha, my goodness, I thank you for my good fortune in winning the beautiful teacup!!!!!!! I will certainly email you my address.
How wonderful of Kevin to make you that wonderful shelf. He's a treasure.
You always make me smile with your cute, and funny posts. We would never judge you. You're adorable! Thanks for hosting.

Susan said...

Martha, your posts always make me chuckle. You are very humorous.

Guess what? I need prayer, too! I am SUCH an addict collector. ha haha

And the first cup is, indeed, AMAZING. SOOOOO beautiful.

Take care, dear Martha, and have a wonderful week. You are such a dear. Susan

Susan said...

Martha, your posts always make me chuckle. You are very humorous.

Guess what? I need prayer, too! I am SUCH an addict collector. ha haha

And the first cup is, indeed, AMAZING. SOOOOO beautiful.

Take care, dear Martha, and have a wonderful week. You are such a dear. Susan

xinex said...

How sweet of your son in law to make that shelf for you but it is deserving. I can see how much you care for your grandkids. The cups are all so pretty, will really be hard to pass them up....Christine

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

You are such a dear lady.

That was super thoughtful of your son - and what a talented man he is!

I ADORE all your new things, and completely understand. Have you ever considered renting a little area in a vintage market somewhere and selling your extra awesome finds?

All I know is I sure love selling on ebay. It's easy but VERY time consuming. I often wish I had enough inventory (like you do) to actually have a little corner in an antique mall or something, be so much easier - but can be costly - but still a great way to unload lots of collections.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

O My! Each piece that you shared was more beautiful than the next!! I could see why you could not contain yourself!! I would have wrestled you for these pieces!! LOL!!

Thanks for hosting!!


Beth L. said...

Oh Martha, I so understand your "problem." Because I must go out to buy for shop I am always finding things that would be "perfect" in my collection. It is a constant battle. What a wonderful son you have! And congratulations to Kitty, I agree about her posts.... I always gain a pound or two just reading them!

Mom Wald said...

What a wonderful grandson! The decoration on the Paragon Tea Cup is truly unique. Love it!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Martha, I think we can all relate! My favorite is that beautiful collection of handpainted plates -- gorgeous!!! And congrats to Kitty for winning that beautiful cup.
Such a sweetie, your son in law!

The Charm of Home said...

What a sweet Grandson! Thanks for hosting!

Valerie said...

Dear Martha,
What lovely things! I LOVE that green vase. So unique.

Carrie said...

Gorgeous stuff! How could you say no to that? You're in good company with the rest of us Tea Ladies, Martha--I think we are all serial collectors :). The new teacup is terrific, as is that wonderful vase. Those plates will be so lovely on the pale blue wall you are planning on. Have a great week, and thanks for hosting! :)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Me again! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

I have to say that those hand painted pieces are drop dead gorgeous!

Susan Clayton said...

Swooning!!!! My office/ craft room is painted with Benjamin Moore Wave Crest. A very light blue that looks good with pastels or with brights or with Christmas colors. I like to change things up a lot and the light blue gives me a lot of leeway. Love all your goodies - especially the blue plates. Thanks for hosting!

Sylvia said...

Hi Martha, I know what you mean, I am trying not to buy anymore teacups too, the one on my post now, I didn't buy when I first saw it but went back a couple weeks later and it was still there and I had to get it. I do like yours, no wonder you bought them.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Martha
The shelf for the grand's toys is perfect to keep everything in its place.
Now you have way more teacups than I do and I already told myself no more unless it knocks my socks off! LOL
Is there a teacup collectors anonymous? Of course as you say prayer could help too.
One day like me you will keep only the best that you can't part with and hope someone in the family will care for them after we're gone.

Lujan Fraix said...

Hola Martha

Gracias por venir a saludarme en el día de mi cumpleaños, estoy emocionada y sorprendida porque después de 8 meses de estar sin contacto han acudido muchos amigos. Yo sabía que estaban allí, como yo que los llevo en el corazón siempre.

Gracias por el cariño.
De a poco iré dejando los comentarios abiertos, en la medida que pueda responderles a todos.

Besos grandes.

Ruth Weston said...

Hi Martha! I am late linking this week...Lovely new cups. Sometimes they just jump in the basket, don't they??! The vase looks like it may be Loetz, but wouldn't be sure unless I held it. Gorgeous though! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

Jann Olson said...

Martha, it's not often I get to join your party, but always delighted when I do! What a sweet sil you have. Your new finds are amazing! Love, love all of the teacups. Kitty is going to be thrilled with her win. The plates you found for your laundry room took my breath away!

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