Aug 18, 2014


Hello dear friends and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 235!  Can you believe we have been doing this for over 4 1/2 years?  We had a great turn out last week.  I will have a give away next week to celebrate.  My Grandson, Noah, started First Grade today.  He did so well, some of his friends cried.   I am so grateful for every minute I have had with him.  My Son came home yesterday, he is wiped out.  I pray that he stays in the city for a little while.  It was a tough fire and I am so glad he is home.  Please keep him in your prayers. 

I have been cleaning out closets this past week.  (Maybe, I have been a little nervous?) I had to make a few trips (seven if you want to know the truth) to the local thrift store.  As luck would have it, I scored a few new items.  I just could not resist.  The good news is, I gave away more than I brought home.  That is my new goal.  So far, so good. When you have to have outside storage for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, you start thinking maybe, there is a little problem?  You think? I don't want my children to have to deal with all this stuff.  I have really been looking at everything I have with a whole new perspective.  Here are some of the items I picked up this week, while dropping things off.  (That doesn't even sound good.)  The lace is a bedspread.  It is so stunning.  Now, I just have to do something about the dog who sleeps on the bed.  Let's see, dog or bedspread?  I think the dog doesn't have chance.  I may have to use the bedspread only on special occasions.  Maybe I will only use the dog on special occasions? :) What to do? All the items I pictured today, except one, are from the thrift store trips this past week.  

This first tea cup is by Castleton China.  The pattern name is "Manor."  I had the opportunity to purchase a service for 12 with servicing pieces. However, I resist the temptation and only purchased the trio with the matching teapot.  I am a firm believer in having dinner service for at least 12.  You never know when you are going to need a large set for a special occasion.  I was so good.  I think it is just beautiful.

My next cup is also a Castleton. The pattern name is "Royal."  I owned the service for 12 for this set, but long since sold it.  I am terrified  to end up on "Hoarders."  I must be almost healed?

The next picture is of a porcelain box.  Did I ever tell you I collect boxes with flowers?  I do.  Let's not talk about it any more. 

Moving on to the bird planter. I love these and have quite a large collection.  Some I use for plants, others for storage.  They are great for organizing. 

Last, but not least are these Salt & Pepper shakers.  I make them into tassels.  They are perfect for gifts.  

Well, I have to go clean another closet, have mercy!  Please continue your prayers for Terri. She is slowly improving each day! Keep your fingers crossed about the link.  

Hugs, Martha


Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Your lace bedspread is lovely! Have a great week...hugs, Penny


The Royal pattern dishes are gorgeous and so is your lace bedspread! Hugs to the cuties too!
Have a lovely week sweet lady.

Susan said...

Hello Dear Martha...Oh, the bed cover is lovely. I love things like that.

Martha, do you know that I remember when you started the tea cup column? Yes I do! And it is still going strong all these years later. Imagine!

Take care and God bless. Noah is growing up before our very eyes. So grateful your handsome son is safe and HOME. Susan

MomWaldsPlace said...

There are so many lovely things in your post today. There always are, but today they are items I would have picked for myself. The teapot set steals the show. It is absolutely wonderful.

Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi Martha. Starting kindergarten can be traumatic...more so for some parents! I used to teach kindergarten...So glad everyone is doing well. It's hard to pass the thrifts by, isn't it??! Have a great week and thanks for hosting!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Martha, you just make me smile with your cute words in your posts!! You certainly found some great treasures and you've also given away some. I need to go through closets, like you're doing. Thank you for hosting and prayers are still be said for Terri and her son.

Cynthia said...

Martha, as always, the teacups are beautiful. I think you're wise to hold on to at least one while not indulging on buying the whole set. . .that's what I would do. Your Noah is a sweet child, and he's getting so grown up looking! Prayers still for Terri and her son. You are a good friend to her.

Karen said...

Hi Martha,
Noah looks so smart for kindergarten with his hair all slicked back. It brings back memories of when I taught the wee kindies and had to hold them on my knee while they sobbed for their mother's. I would have loved to have him in my class - such a cutie! Your finds are lovely and I am also worried about being on the Hoarder T.V. show. It takes time to go through your things and decide which ones to part with. I so prefer treasure hunting. Lol! Hope this week is better for you. Take care, Karen.

Anne Payne said...

Martha, You are my hero for digging and cleaning out closets! I desperately need to do that. I found a lovely Oriental vase at the thrift store on Saturday. Yes, it came home with me. Now I just need to take pictures. Your tea set is so beautiful! I can see why you brought it home :)

Valerie said...

What a handsome grandson! =) Love all of your beautiful photos.
Blessings, Valerie

Ruthie Miller said...

Dear Martha,
Love, love, love that teapot! A treasure.
Best, Ruthie

The Charm of Home said...

What a beautiful lace bedspread Martha. I have never seen anything so delicate. Thanks for hosting!

Carrie said...

Martha--I hear you on the collecting. It is definitely addictive! Very pretty set and I'm very impressed by your self control :) Great teapot! Have a terrific week :)

Bernideen said...

Your teaset is wonderful and that lovely lace bedspread!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Martha,
Love your lace bedspread! I so enjoyed your little jokes. You have a wonderful sense of humor. I am a bit under the weather this week so I am not hosting my tea party but decided to stop by and say 'Hello.' Enjoy your day, my friend.


Deborah Montgomery said...

Martha, I'm glad your son is home, safe and sound, and hope he gets some rest. I would say that if you gave away more than you brought home, you're doing well! It is so hard to pass up beautiful vintage treasures, isn't it? Your new teapot is beautiful, as is the bedspread.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Martha, You are so cute and I loved reading this post. I can so relate to the closet clean outs. I've been doing the same thing here but seem to take out and then bring things back. It's not supposed to work that way. LOL
So glad your son is home and I hope he gets so much needed rest. Your grandson is adorable. The first day of gradeschool is always special.
Love the lace bedspread.
The teapot and trio set is gorgeous. Love the S&P too.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to see you.
Have a blessed weekend.

Beth said...

Hi Martha, Noah is adorable! Love your new teapot and trio. It's gorgeous! Have a wonderful week, Martha.

My Little Home and Garden said...

Thank you for visiting my blog recently. I can see, from taking a look at a couple of your posts, that you are a serious collector who must enjoy "the thrill of the hunt". I bet each lovely item has a story.


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