May 19, 2014


Hello Ladies:  Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 218!  Hope you are all doing well and the weather is treating you better.  Los Angeles had a heat wave last week, so glad is it cooler now.  Did not get out much because of the weather.  I prefer the comfort of air conditioning.   Thank God the weather has cooled down for us. I started some, much needed, Spring cleaning just in my bedroom.  That has kept me busy. My son, Kyle starts "Hot Shots" on Wednesday of this week.  Please keep him in your prayers.  The fire season is expected to be rough this year.  The top pictures are of one shelf, in one of my china cabinets.  It has 5 selves altogether, each very full.  I always have loved using tea cups as part of my home decor.

This week I am sharing the last of the tea cups I purchased last weekend, the $6 each group.  This first cup is a Paragon.  It is part of the Marlborough Series.  I usually do not purchase cups unless they have flowers, preferably roses, but I could not resist this one.  The colors on this cup are so vivid.  Just look at the handle, it is just stunning, really the pictures do not do it justice. 

Cup number 2 is a Royal Albert,  "Moss Rose." pattern.  It also has vivid colors and is just beautiful.

The last cup is a Duchess with the pattern name of  "June Bouquet."  Very pretty cup, when I got home I realized that I had one with orange color roses.

Got this great picture of Sophia and her Uncle Kyle. They are having tea! The picture next to it is of her just waking up.  I wish I looked that cute!

Have a great week!  Hugs, Martha


doodles n daydreams said...

Martha, I absolutely love your Paragon/Marlborough teacup and saucer, just beautiful.
As is the photo of Sophie and her uncle Kyle having tea.


Nancy's Notes said...

All of your teacups are just gorgeous! I'm crazy about flowered ones too! Oh my, Sophia is such a beautiful little girl and her uncle is mighty handsome!

kitty said...

Your new teacups are so pretty, Martha, and I especially love the Paragon one. Sophia and Kyle make such a cute tea party couple. Thanks for hosting and enjoy your week.

Sami said...

I too have a small collection of teacups, but "very small" compared to yours. Gorgeous collection!! Your granddaughter is so pretty.

Terri said...

Hello Martha,
That is a lot of tea cups! It is so hard to let go of them when they are so pretty. Your newest ones are real bargains! The first one really is very vibrant. $6!!! You must have been so tickled to see them.
Sophia is such a cutie!

Susan said...

Hi Martha....Loved the photos of your handsome son and granddaughter!

Of course, loved seeing the teacups, too.

We can never have enough tea cups, can we? ha!

Glad it cooled down there for you.

Have a good rest of the week, dear Martha. Susan

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I agree. I turned around one day and wondered how I have collected so many tea cups :-) They sure are fun though.


Karen said...

Hi Martha,
Wow! You do have a lot of teacups! Maybe you need to get another china cabinet. Hee hee! I love them all and wouldn't be able to part with any! They are so beautiful! I am looking for another china cabinet but I don't have room for another one. I hope we get some of your warm weather here. Thank you for hosting with Terri today! Talk soon. Karen

Deborah Montgomery said...

Love all your pretty teacups! Having too many teacups is a nice problem to have! The little tea party with your granddaughter is very sweet.

Beth L. said...

Love all your pretty teacups. Hard to imagine which would be your favorite. Sophia is such a pretty little girl.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Martha,
that looks like a big task to find more space for tea cups. But I understand the problem. How to reduce such a wonderful collection. All your cups are really outstanding. How cute that little Sophia is playing tea time. She will have much fun with your cups when she is older. She is sucha sweetie. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos and for hosting this sweet event.
Best greetings, Johanna

The Charm of Home said...

Oh Martha! You have the best collections! I love all of the pink ones! Thanks for hosting!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Martha, you do have a wonderful collection of teacups. My eye was immediately drawn to the American Beauty and your red transferware. As always it is a fun visit here. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.


Shrimpton and Perfect said...

So tell me Martha what's your favourite tea and do you take milk and sugar? I like Earl Grey with Vanilla and Green Tea Jasmine. As they come, no extras.

Jean x

Cindy said...

I love this picture of Sophia just waking up. Miss Martha your cups are lovely, truly shelf fulls and stacks are a wonderful way to display ????, I was thinking of a way to display a few bits of jewellery in the gift shop then it came to me... I have all these tea cups. I so love this Paragon tea cup and saucer you picked up... I'm not all about the roses, however I've been looking for two years for a black lace tea cup to go with my style, I know i'll find one sometime.

Bernideen said...

Another Royal Albert that I have never seen before and a real beauty Martha! Your collection is incredible. So glad you shared and I had to change to In Linkz as Linky Tools wasn't working twice!

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Martha you have the most amazing tea cup collections - WOW WOW WOW!

But without a doubt the cutest one is that princess and her uncle taking tea. CUTENESS!!!!


relevanttealeaf said...

Hi Martha, Loved seeing your beautiful teacups in your china cabinet. What an amazing collection you have! And the latest additions were great bargains at $6 each. You definitely couldn't pass those up! Love the tea party with Sophia and your son. Those are memories that will last a lifetime.
~ Phyllis

Denise said...

Who amazing collection of teacups, so very pretty, and your new additions are great too.

Sopa Azul said...

Great collection!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Greetings from Spain!! :D

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

Absolutely beautiful! Wow!

Susan Clayton said...

What lovely cups and sweet grands!

Patti said...

Hi Martha,

I can't believe how big Sophia has gotten. When I first "met" you, she wasn't even born yet.

I am back to "beautiful things" blogging. I still love my film blog, but I've taken a huge step back from it. Reviewing films had caused watching them to become a burden rather than a pleasure. Plus, I was missing "beautiful things" blogging.

So, I've started a new blog, Magnolia Cottage, which you can access through the blogger profile on this comment. I intend to participate in Teacup Tuesday sometimes.


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