Feb 10, 2014


Hello Ladies and welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 204!  We have been getting such wonderful responses to this party recently.  Terri and I really appreciate it.   Have you been busy being creative?  I purchase some stamps to learn how to stamp on spoons and forks.  It seems like this is a fun craft.  It is a lot more pricey than I had anticipated, hopefully, I can do this. Seems like many of us have been stuck at home due to weather problems.  There is something about getting ready for Spring that makes me feel creative.  Our weather has been great.  We had one day of rain in Los Angeles and everyone became unglued.  We forget how to drive and got depressed. Maybe God made Los Angeles for those who just cannot deal with dark skies.  So He gives us a few earthquakes instead.  

My week was filled with events with Grandchildren.  Couldn't get away from seeing the Lego Movie.  They loved it.  Noah, lost his tooth.  It had been hanging by a small piece of skin for quite a while, but he would not let anyone touch it.  It finally fell off while he was brushing his teeth.  He was happy and teary at the same time.  I wonder what it feels like to have a piece of your body fall off and everyone cheer?  I certainly can't remember.  I am trying hard to keep all my body parts working and in tack!

Have some fun tea cups to share with you this week.  The first is this black and gold Mitterteich, from Bavaria, Germany.  Look at the crown shape pedestal base.  It looks like it was cut with craft scissors.

The next cup is a Clarence, Made in England.  Love the shape of this cup, with the black clovers. 

The last cup is from New England Toile.  It matches the tea pot on the top of this post. There is something so pretty about black and white.  Don't you agree? Terri made that tag for me, I love it!

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I know that not everyone can spend the day with someone special.  If you have to spend it alone, remember, you are never alone really, Jesus loves you! 

Sending double hugs, Martha


Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Thank you so much for hosting! Have a great week....hugs, Penny

Karen said...

Hi Martha,
I love the elegant teacups that you have featured again today! They all are so classy! Your grandchildren are all precious and they are very lucky to have a perfect grandma like you! Thank you for hosting today! Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Karen

Tea in Texas said...

Love seeing your grandkids and how they change. Your beautiful black and white cups and saucers are so dramatic. The toile set is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful 14th with your family. Thanks for hosting the party this week!


Tea in Texas said...

Love seeing your grandkids and how they change. Your beautiful black and white cups and saucers are so dramatic. The toile set is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful 14th with your family. Thanks for hosting the party this week!


xinex said...

Such little cuties! And so are your cups and your hearts. I love the toile set....Christine

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy Valentines Day Martha
I love it because I was in the Hosp, 55 years ago having a baby.Speaking of children you have some beautiful

Snap said...

Martha, I love the black and white -- so elegant! Your Grands are too cute -- and busy! Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Martha, your black and white teacups are so elegant. I love the toile one! The tea set is stunning! Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day to you and all those you love.


Clara said...

Hi Martha!
Your black and white teacups are gorgeous. I especially love the one with the clover and your black broach looks so perfect with the setting.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Martha, your teacups are beautiful, but the clover one is my favorite one. Those grandkids of yours are just adorable! xo


Thank you so much sweet Martha for the lovely tea party! Your teacups are always swoonnn...you got the loveliest collection, ever! Happy Valentine's sweet lady! BUT!...the grandchildren are the most gorgeous too!!!

Sylvia said...

I love your sign, my grandkids call me Grandma, so it touched my heart.I also love your black and white Pitcher and Platter.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Beautiful cups!

Antiques And Teacups said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you Martha. Grandkids...precious! Love all your teacups...as usual!

Cynthia said...

Well, the black and white teacups are my favorite! These are all so beautiful, Martha. I would love to know where you find so many lovelies. Hope you have a marvelous Valentine's Day with your sweet grandchildren.

Winnie said...

Popped in to say hello, as I just found your lovely blog today. I love tea and tea parties etc. Also a crafter and stamper. Saw that you are starting to stamp on items! Very cool. My suggestion is to start a small collection and add to it. My tea stamps now are two full draws full!

Cindy said...

Such a warm tea party you offered today, love your spirit. Lol, can't remember any of my teeth but I'm also trying to keep all my parts in the right place as well. Your tea cups are almost as beautiful as your grandchildren. Wonderful is time spent with a life so young.

I don't believe I have ever seen a craft of stamping on spoons or forks, you'll have to take some pictures and show. I have just a couple of tea stamps - just in case my husband is lurking.... but I really need to dig them out and use them

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Those teacups are darling. I love black and white together, so dainty.

Terri said...

Lovely Valentine post! Your cups are dramatic and romantic. The black and white one is really lovely. I see that little tag in there... : )
Congratulations to Noah!

Anonymous said...

Blessings, Martha - and many thanks for the precious teacup you sent. YES - I received it yesterday and it is proudly displayed at the center of my tea cabinet vignette. I am working on a post for later this month where I'll be featuring it with a book I also won from Brenda at It's A Beautiful Life. Perfect combination - tea and a book! My vote here is for Clarence - love the B&W, too.

Martha said...

lovely lovely teacups!

The Charm of Home said...

Martha your Grandma sign is adorable! Happy Valentine's Day!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

You are such a sweet and kind lady, Martha. And to know you is to love you.

God's blessing be yours. Hugs. ♥

Micupoftea said...

Your grandchildren are precious! Yep, a little rain and everyone panics, eh? We need more! I like your teacups- especially the black clover. How stunning! Thanks for hosting, Martha. Happy Valentine's Day :)

Val said...

What sweet kiddos! My niece is also keeping the Tooth Fairy in business this winter. :)

I love the "top-coat and tails" figurine too.

Happy Valentine's Day a couple days early. ♥

Tea in the Library said...

love the black and white pastoral! Happy Valentines Day!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Martha,
you made me laughing with your words about the lost tooth of Noah. Yes, its not easy to loose parts of the body, even not a milk tooth. Your tea cups and decoration items are wonderful. I love the black and white choice. All cups are so pretty and special. Thank you for sharing this sweet teatime and for hosting this nice event.
Happy Valentines Day,Johanna

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Lovely Valentine post! Beautiful teacups! Happy Valentines's day to you!

Susan said...

Hello Dear Martha...Oh, that handsome little grandson of yours looks adorable with his missing teeth. And the girls, both so pretty, are getting so big! That Sophia is growing before our very eyes...she was just a babe-in-arms yesterday. Where oh where does the time go, Martha?

Hope you are feeling good and may God bless you and all your family. Susan p.s. Thanks so much for your visit.

Anne Payne said...

Such lovely photos of your teacups! And your grands are adorable. Looks like fun times at your home :)

Aida said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful Martha. Aww and little Noah lost his tooth. I still vividly remember losing one of my front teeth and it wasn't pleasant. We are blessed to have all our body parts still functioning.
Enjoy valentine's day.



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