Aug 26, 2013


Welcome Ladies to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 180! This week was filled with parties for me. I did the decorations for my Best Friend's, 25th Wedding Anniversary this weekend. (I have a picture of the both of us at the bottom of this post.) All but one of the girls who was in the original wedding were there. Everything looked so beautiful. (I was so much thinner then.) We have been friends for over 30 years. Our children literally grew up together. God has blessed me with some amazing friends that seem like they have been with me through a life time. To have life long friends are treasures that cannot be purchased. As families do at times, my grown children will talk about all the crazy things I did to them as a young mother. (Like being a regular at McDonald's for breakfast, when running late for school.) I may not have been "Mrs. Brady", but I did teach each of my children the gift of making life long friendships. My three grown children can all say, they have friends they have known since childhood. My son is lucky enough to know some since birth, they continue to still be close friends. I taught my children about Jesus and how to be a good friend to someone. They can put that on my tombstone! That would put a smile on my face!

Catching up with friends and family you do not see very often, can make you do some serious thinking about what is important. Thinking is what I have been doing, all weekend. ("A dangerous pass time, I know.") Don't you ever feel like if you could just tell that young person to stop and learn from my experiences perhaps you would not have to go through the heart ache that you can see coming? I did feel that way about a young couple this weekend. However, I guess youth just has to learn from their own mistakes.

My home is very crazy looking right now, I am making my Autumn changes and I have been gone everyday last week. I do want to show you a couple of goodies I picked up this weekend. Believe it or not this tea cup, I got at an estate sale two blocks away from a party was on my way too. I couldn't help it. It was like a force that just stopped my car. You know I much I love Mustache cups. Not bad for 50 cents! I think this one is just wonderful. Love the pansies. Like many old Victoria cups, this one is unmarked. The items I pictured above are all treasures I picked up at this same estate sale all for under $10. Can you say "score?"

This next cup, I have coveted for years and finally about 3 years ago, I found it at a price I could afford. It is an Aynsley. Can't you just tell? I hope this does not sound wrong to anyone, but there is a scripture that says "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!" I am not sure if that applies to tea cups, but when I see this tea cup, it always reminds me of that verse. I see them on Ebay for as much as $600 sometimes. I paid $25 and I can still remember that wonderful feeling of being blessed that I felt those three years ago. I know it is just a tea cup, but I think God cares even about dumb little things that make His children happy.

I guess you can tell I have been thinking too much. This last cup is a Haviland, Limoges. It is called "Autumn Leaf." I love the ring shaped handle it has. I have just begun to unpack my Autumn tea cups and I have decided I have to thin some of them out. So, look this week for tea cups I will be putting up for sales at Pretty Vintage Things. Somehow, I doubt that website will ever lack for things to sell! :)

Among the many birthdays we celebrated this week was for my beautiful daughter, Vanessa. She truly is a delight. I am so very proud of who she has become. Most importantly she is a young lady that loves the Lord! Happy Birthday Honey! (Thanks for the Grandchildren!)

We have only one more week before Terri returns from vacation. I can't wait. Things will go back to normal and be done right. Thank you so much for sticking with me and for each of your visits. It is always a pleasure to visit you. Blessings, Martha

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Karen said...

Hi Martha,
I love your Aynsley teacup with the gold inner cup.... just gorgeous. Your daughter and her wee ones are so beautiful too! Thank you for hosting today ~ you are doing an amazing job! I wouldn't have a clue how to do a Linky Party. Have a great week! Take care,

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

You're right, he does care:). Love the Aynsley cup, it's gorgeous and a wonderful score!


des ailes de papier said...

Très jolie tasse d'automne!
belle semaine

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your teacups are lovely, Martha. It certainly is looking like autumn in your home. I'm not ready to give up my summer yet.
I believe it pleases the Lord to give us the desires of our heart. Of course we must put Him first. Have a beautiful week, my friend.


Denise said...

So happy to join Your tea party finally.I love the first vignette.Lovely daughter and Grandchildren.Happy birthday to Her. :)Hugs Denise

The Tablescaper said...

I am so taken with that Autumn Limoges tea cup. I have a platter in that pattern that was my mother-in-law's and I've never seen anything else in that pattern.

- The Tablescaper

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Hello Martha, it sounds like you had a wonderful time - certain events lately have made me rethink some things - people and time together are much more important and should be sought after and cherished - your teacups are amazing! I am delighted to join your party - I do appreciate you hosting and sharing,

Tea in Texas said...

Oh how fortunate you are to have life long friends and enjoy celebrating with them. Your teacups are beautiful as always. The story of stopping at a sale is one I can confess I have done whille on my to someplace else. Your Aynsley cup and saucer is lovely and is part of my Mother's collection, too. Have a great week!

KathyB. said...

Good, life-long friends are true treasure, and so is a daughter and grandchildren. You are richly blessed, and tea-cup rich too !

The teacups are as usual, stunning. Thank-you for hosting this time.

(BTW, your daughter is beautiful )

Barbara F. said...

I love the Autumn Leaf tea cup, Martha, it is beautiful. You have a beautiful family. I was looking for the photo of you and your friend? xo

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Hi Martha,
I so enjoy coming by every week and seeing what you have been up to and what sweet thoughts you are sharing. Your teacups this week are so beautiful and I'm sure a joy to sip tea with. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week.

Susan said...

Hello Dear Martha...Loved all the photos, including the one with you! You are lovely.

Thanks so much for sharing.

The teacups? Also beautiful. Susan

Johanna said...

Hi Martha,
your tea cups are all wonderful. Its really a stunning collection. You are so busy, whow. Its good to spent much time with family and friends. You have such a nice family. Thank you for sharing the treasures f your life and for hosting this sweet event.
Best greetings, Johanna

Luján Fraix said...




janice15 said...

"Autumn Leaf. I love it... so sweet and perfect for Autumn lovely post as always Martha.. I enjoy my visit always.. Happy Thursday..with love Janice


everything is so pretty :)

RoseSommer said...

Hi, Martha. I am so happy that you found my blog. I have now joined your blog, and thru you I've found lots of other lovely blogs.
Have a nice weekend.

Beth said...

Your daughter is beautiful, Martha. The grandchildren are just adorable! I love your gold Aynsley. And yes, I believe that God cares even about the little things in our lives! He's shown me that many times! Have a blessed wknd, Beth

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Martha
It was lovely to see you had joined my blog too!
I'm following you now and I will look forward to getting to know you!

This is such a lovely post, I've enjoyed hearing about what you're up to - you are blessed with a gorgeous family.

What an amazing collection of teacups - how lovely that you have special 'autumn' cups too.


Fru Tunheim said...

Thank you so very much for visiting and following my I met you too. What a wonderful daughter and grandchildren you have. Lucky you. I also have to daughters, 30 and 22. The oldest one is expecting her first babygirl in November an I will bekomme a grandmother. How I look foreward to that, can hardly wait. Have a wonderful weekend.

racheld said...

Miss Martha,

Thank you so much for joining us at Lawn Tea! I'd just dropped in and admired your bronzey-orange teapot and the moustache cup---it's time to get out one of our own, for the cooling weather brings out DH's turn from iced tea to a morning pot of Earl Grey.

From a Dish Junkie to a Serial Collector---Welcome!