Apr 2, 2013


Hello Ladies: Once again, welcome to Terri and Martha's Tea Cup Tuesday No. 160. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I have been under the weather, however, who could not be happy on Resurrection Sunday! God is so good to me, I feel like our whole family has turned a corner and that God has only good things for us. Just look at these precious Grandchildren, these pictures catch their personalities perfect!

Monday I began the two day process of putting away Easter and choosing the next month's colors. You know I have been trying to thin out some of my treasures at home. Here is a peek at just one shelf on this huge china cabinet to let you know what a challenge I have. I purchased this monster at an estate sale. My little, 90 pound, mother and I were going to put it on top of my CRV and bring it home. To make a very long, funny story short, it took 4 men to move it very slowly. I have every inch covered with treasures. I have 5 china cabinets so (even though I am not a Hoarder) I have my hands full.

I have picked the color Teal to work with this month. As you can see, I have a lot of items in this color. So my first cup this week is Foley, from England. This cup is so ornate and beautiful, the saucer is like a small bowl. It is just beautiful. It reminds me of Terri. This is definitely her taste, don't you think? Can't remember where I got it, maybe Terri gave it to me! Remind me if that is true Terri. ("The old gray mare, she ain't what she use to be!")

Cup two is a gold and teal Chintz Colclough. Teal and pink look so good together.

Cup No. 3 is this gorgeous Aynsley. Love the shape. I paid $3.49 at the thrift store for this amazing beauty. What is it about a cup that was acquired cheap that makes it that much better?

The last cup is this amazing Crown Staffordshire tea cup. It is teal with gold leaf roses. It also has a bowl like saucer, just lovely.

Next week is the big give away. Last chance to enter is this week. Please let me know if you want to be a part of the give away.

Have a wonderful week. Remember we are God's children and He loves us. Blessings, Martha

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Gloria in CA said...

Hi Martha. Such beautiful cups. Love them all and it always is a treasure finding cups like these at thrift stores. One wonders who they belonged to, did they have tea parties and how did they hold their tea cup, with the little finger up out and away.:) Awesome. Nice to see you. Take care and hope your Easter was wonderful. It is really about the Ressurection after all and he is always with us.

Veronica Roth said...

Oh my goodness Martha, I love your hobnail. I'm addicted to that. And, gosh, those tea cups are all so beautiful, I don't know what one I love more. I think it might be a tie between first Foley and third Aynsley. I hope you'll have a lovely week this week and I'm looking forward to seeing more monster china cabinet treasures. Hugs

Cynthia said...

Your teacups are lovely as always, Martha! I do so love visiting your blog and seeing these beauties. Hope you feel better.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Martha,
You have an amazing collection of china teacups. I love teal and your cups are all so gorgeous! I hope you're feeling better much better today.


Susan said...

Hi Martha! I love the color teal. Just gorgeous.

I still have to take down Easter decorations.

Hope you have a good week. Susan

Antiques And Teacups said...

Hi Martha. What gorgeous teacups! I love them all! Couldn't possibly choose a favorite! Your grands are growing so quickly. Isn't it amazing? Glad you are feeling better and had a wonderful Easter. We are blessed, aren't we?

Terri said...

Beautiful Martha! Your grandchildren look like little sweeties! I am so glad you are feeling some relief.
Your cups today are magnificent! I love them all, especially the corset shaped floral Aynsley!
I honestly can not remember if I gave you that cup or not. lol!
Once, I saw my good friend all dressed up and I said "Oh! I love your earrings! and she said "well, you made them for me!" and I was flabbergasted! I had no idea! lol!
So, I am not to be trusted for memory : )
Hugs of LOVE,

des ailes de papier said...

elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres!
merci de votre visite!
belle journée

Rosewalk Cottage said...

Hi Martha!
Your teacups are gorgeous and I'm so glad your feeling better.
Have a great week.

Felicity W said...

Hi Martha,
I really love your grandson's hair style, he looks like a little gentleman in that style.

I love the Foley tea cup--the first one, it seems that it's a very old tea cup.

Love the picture frame with the drawing of the lady as well.


Johanna said...

Dear Martha,
Noah and Sophia look so cute and happy. I can see that they make you happy and you make them happy, too. Your collection is always wonderful to see. Don't give to many of your treasures away. I love that you can chose from such a rich choice. All the cups are wonderful, each is a treasure. Thank you for sharing your wonderful collection and for hosting this event.
Best greetings, Johanna

Ruthie Miller said...

You are the winner of our giveaway at Lady B's.
Email me with your address. milleruthie@yahoo.com
Love your blues-so, so pretty! Dreamy.
Happy Spring, Ruthie

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Martha, I too love the color Teal, or Aqua. I wear it a lot. But do not have any china. Guess I will have to remedy that. Your tea cups are gorgeous!

Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

oh goodness I love that aynsley!
and the bargain prices really do add to my appreciation as well - like finding a wee treasure and i haven't paid for it! or more than i can afford !:)
blessings on your treats and your enjoyment of them !
They're all belonging to God anyway .
The Giver of good and perfect gifts!
setting the example for us to be good givers of perfect gifts :)) !