Aug 13, 2012


Hello Ladies! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday No. 126. This post is going to be all over the place. It is hot! Can't seem to make myself go outside, except to water by poor plants. It is suppose to get a little better this week. I hope that is true. I hate the heat! Being inside a lot causes me to look inward. (I usually don't like what I see.) Do you ever have that happen to you? Thinking deep things like, why do I find some things so beautiful?
Why do bugs and earthquakes scare me? Do others think I am crazy? When you have blogged as long as I have, who you are is very clear. You really can't fake it. Why do I love tea cups? Why do I hate to cook? I am sure glad I don't get deep very often. It gives me a head ache. I have been going through my home looking at the things that make me feel good just to look at. As you have probably figured out, roses give me great comfort. Why? I don't know. The Lord calls Himself "The Rose of Sharon," even God loves roses.

Did I ever tell you I scrapbook? Well, I do! I have so much stuff I could open my own store. I took a class this weekend to learn how to do "pop up" cards. It was so much fun. I decided to open my home up for weekly scrapping parties. Anything to keep me from deep thinking! This is what I did this weekend. I hope you can tell that they are 3 dimensional. If you are in my area on Wednesday, email me, and join our scrapbook gathering.

On to tea cups! Here is my first tea cup. It is an Aynsley. I love this set. It reminds me of my daughter, Vanessa. I have the tea pot with the sugar and creamer. It has two cups to this set, just beautiful!

My next cup is this simple pink depression glass. I love depression glass, especially the pink color. Ok, that's not completely true. I love the green, the cranberry, the yellows, blues and amber colors too.

Can you see the differences between the two cups depression cups? Look at the edges on this next set.

The last cup I am sharing is a Limoges. You know how I feel about Limoges. I want you to take a look at the plate on this one. It took me months, about 10 years ago to pay for this set on lay-away. (The only way my husband would let me have it.) It is a service for 12. It is breathe taking! My daughter Vanessa wants it, when I go home to be with the Lord.

Well, ladies, here is Mr. Linky for this week. I will try hard to get a give away together for next week. Please visit my dearest friend and partner in tea cup partying, Terri. She is always so ready to show you something beautiful!

Please visit my website, Pretty Vintage Things. I have listed a lot of new items this past week. Try to keep cool. Hugs, Martha


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello dear Martha,
You certainly have a beautiful collection of teacups, my friend! I love your shares today. The Aynsley set is gorgeous as is the Limoges. And I love pink depression glass. You have me swooning once again! Have a lovely week.


Sherry said...

Your funny today! I think too hard and get headaches too! Or maybe it's the kids! Love your Limoges and the depression glass. Thank you for hosting!


Lady Martha! You have the most stunning porcelains and teacups, each and evryone are to die for!! I love limoges, it's lovely. Thank you for hosting and have a blessed week, sweet lady.

Antiques And Teacups said...

I have the Aynsley with a pale aqua exterior. I love the molded petals! Your other plates and teacups are lovely too. Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and have a great week!

Donna Heber said...


Just stunning pieces you have! I love the Aynsley - it is so dainty and elegant. Beautiful pink depression glass.

Jacoba said...

Hi Martha,
Not having been around in Blogland I have to catch up on you. What a pretty header and background, what beautiful and creative cards you make, and as always so much beauty in teacups shown!
Happy day!

Johanna said...

Dear Martha,
I really don't have any clue why you love roses, collect lots of nice things and do so many things. But I know one: We all love that! It's always fun to see your treasures. It is so inspiring to see your decorating skills and your jewlry and collections. Kepp on it! Your scrap booking is amazing. Really beautiful done. Thank you for sharing and for hosting this great event party.
Best greetings, Johanna

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Martha, I love floral hand painted plates like the oval one with gold trim!

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Good morning Martha - I am not fond of the heat either - especially here in the South where it is coupled with humidity - it makes you feel like you're wearing a heavy coat out in the heat.
You must be having fun with these pop-up cards - they're fantastic - you've done a wonderful job.
I am particularly fond of Ainsley dishes - but that Limoge teacup and saucer - it is well worth layaway payments! I do appreciate you hosting and sharing. I hope you have a blessed week,

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Hello, my friend!!
I found some great buys last week so i linked them up!!

Thanks so much for hosting!!


ooglebloops said...

Depression glass and Limoges - two of my favs!! I do not have a teacup in my Tea on Tuesday post, so won"t link up, but drop by, if you get a chance, to meet the new family member I blogged about, while sipping my morning tea!!!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Beautiful tea dishes and beautiful cards! You are so talented and looks like so much fun. If I lived near you I'd pop over and you could teach me! Thanks for hosting your lovely party.

Teresa said...

I LOVE that oblong dish! 3rd picture down. That is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your cups and porcelein. I love looking at what you show us.

Cynthia said...

It's all lovely, Martha! I love visiting your blog to see the teacups and all your collections. The lace tablecloth above is beautiful, too! Nice work on the pop-up cards; they came out great and will certainly bring smiles to whoever receives one. Have a great day!

Brenda said...

Hi, Martha. I hope you are doing well and that your grandchildren are happy. I love your tea time today. As you know, Aynsley has become my favorite and your treasures are so precious. I love the idea of one big rose and one small rosebud for the design. It's right up there as a favorite of the one BIG rose or any BIG flower! LOL! This design is just so sweet and can make you feel quite feminine. The depression glass is wonderful. I love the edged design and those lovely pearls you have thrown over them. Girl, you just make me smile when I visit you. Now, your pop-up cards....PERFECT! LOVE the 3 dimensional. I clicked on your photos to view them bigger. You did an awesome job on these! Your scrapbook partying should be a lot of fun. The Limoges is the sweetest and most gorgeous I have seen and can see why your lovely daughter would want this passed down to her. This set will bring back many wonderful memories because it's you that put so much love into it.
You're the best!

Magnolia Cottage said...

Hi Martha,
What a beautiful post! Love your teacups and jewels. Won't be long and we will be enjoying fall weather. It has been a lot cooler here in Southwestern Ontario. We had one hot day on Sunday but the days are cooling down. I love the pop up cards you have created. I have started to dabble in card making and find that it can be very expensive but I have seen so many beautiful creations on blogs that I can't resist. lol Thanks for hosting. Have a nice week.

Betty Stapleton said...

Beautiful Martha, you are fortunate that your daughter wants your set of dishes, my girls don't want any of it. In to modern. Which is okay.
I also scrapbook and trying to get a scrapping going starting in September. I am a scrapper-on paper only.
Also, love roses, love the first set you showed. Enjoyed your post...

Kat said...

hi martha! thank you so very much for following me, I am following you back! and for the sweet comment on my little vintage 1940s couch redo! oh now....the roses...why we "collect"....what were were thinking???" lol I CAN SO RELATE TO YOU! Where do I begin!:) all i can say is i am now happy i am NOT alone! I do have rose teacups too! Who would know! haha...I will muster up a pic and join in your party as soon as I can find the camera! lol hugs to you stay cool it is STILL way hot here in triple digits even at 7:30! PM!!!! oh well hope it cools off soon!:) hugs to you and nice to meet you! I am a Cali native so I completely understand the earthquakes and the bugs! :) hugs kat =^.^=

Mom Wald said...

What a fun post! Have a sweet day and a fun time with your scrapping group.

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Your china is beautiful. Thank you for hosting. I am your newest follower.. Your blog is beautiful!

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