Apr 23, 2009


I am a little behind in my blog, I am still not quite sure how to work this new camera. Everyone is talking about the Silver Bella, I sure wish I could go. I just do not want to go alone. I have been very busy. My heart's desire was to have my very own craft room. A room that I could gather all my "little pieces of junk, that you just can't live without". It is finally a reality for me. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me. I have pulled things out of all those places that I have learned so well to hide. They are there for me to just look at if I want to. I have a dresser full of vintage lace and ribbon, I did not know I had so many! It is like Christmas. I will be posting pictures soon. I do wish I knew how to work these computers better! This plate is one that I found in my treasures. I have an even dozen. Who would have thought! Why were they in my craft area? Who knows? I have some up on Ebay if you are interested.