Jan 13, 2009


Do you ever just feel like the work you need to do is over whelming? That's what I am feeling lately. I am having my scrapbook group over tonight and I want to change some things around in our living room. Not so sure I can get it all done. I still need to get outside to my roses. I have kept my promise so far of trimming 7 to 10 a day. I feel like I have not even made a dent there. I am putting some vintage jewelry up on Ebay today. I should stick to one collection and finish what I want to sell with each group. But, no, that would be to smart! The truth is, I just start feeling like, maybe I should kept them. Bad, Martha! Today is also my thrift store day. Can't miss that! I get a discount today! I trying to learn to take better pictures of my home. So here are some new ones. By the way, all the flower designs in my home are by yours truly!